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Latest questions about "hard drive"

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Is there a way to put the data on the hard drive instead of the CD?
asked Jan 19, 2016 about MMH TeacherWorks K-6
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I have deleted the Password Protection manager which was located in the partition with no data on. My data is in the partition called secure and I can't see this anymore.
asked Nov 28, 2015
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I can't access Password Protection Manager on my external hard drive to unlock it.
asked Aug 19, 2015 by day and night
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I just bought a 500 GB Sony hard drive and the Sony HD-SG5 model. At first I set the Password Unlock Manager, but then it didn't respond when I entered the password.
asked Jun 3, 2015
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I need to know if this software is suitable to solve a problem I'm having with my external hard disk?
asked Oct 10, 2014 by Pedro Ferrão (120 points)
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My friend told me that I can delete the unnecessary files with Hardwipe, so I installed it yesterday.
asked May 31, 2014 about Hardwipe
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Browsing history is stored on hard drive.
asked Jan 23, 2014
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Is there a program that will search a text block for a word or number located on your computer and then display that block or blocks from which you can choose from?
asked Nov 27, 2013 about Text Finder
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I would like to scrub my old (but usable) computer's hard drive. I would prefer purchasing a program on CD because I know myself and I'm afraid that I will do something and lose all my data.
asked Nov 6, 2013
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My dilemma: Have an old PC running Windows XP. It originally came with a 40GB HDD. When multiple programs started to refuse to run, I purchased a 160GB HDD.
asked Oct 22, 2013 about CastBlaster
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I'm trying to run the FHD formatter but it says "No Freecom hard drive found" even though the drive is connected and recognized by the computer.
asked Apr 29, 2013
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I have an ATD DVR4800AI and it cannot record the data to hard drive because it tells me there is not enough room.
asked Jan 25, 2013 by peter 19 (140 points)
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(Regarding Backup Now EZ How long should I keep the backup of files stored on my external hard drive? Some of these date back to July 2012, and occupy 92.
asked Nov 8, 2012
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My external hard drive just crashed and I wonder how I can get the files on it back.
asked Jun 20, 2012
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How do I watch films from external hard drive on my TV?
asked Apr 11, 2012 by philip harrison (120 points)
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Since the hard drives in their enclosures in the Xbox are the same as laptop HDDs in theory, could you connect it like an ordinary HDD or would XBOX 360 would not recognise it?
asked May 9, 2011 about XPort 360
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Can disk be partioned when there are files already on the disk Have a 1 T drive which wasn't partioned.
asked Aug 27, 2010 about EaseUS Partition Master Free
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After re-installing my Windows 7 Ultimate X64 my Xport 2.12 crashes when I open my Xbox HDD. Is there a fix?
asked Jan 10, 2010 about XPort 360