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Latest questions about "mac os"

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What Mac OS is needed to run Gemini Classic?
asked Mar 15 about Gemini Classic
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When opening OneTrash, nothing appears in any of the modes. Any solutions?
asked Mar 5 about OneTrash
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I am unable to open any Brushes Redux file in Brushes Viewer. I can open the sample files that come with Brushes Viewer but not one I create myself with Brushes Redux.
asked Feb 28 by Terry Abraham about Brushes Viewer
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How do I scan from HP Office Jet printer to my iMac?
asked Feb 16
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It does not work in High Sierra 10.13.3.
asked Feb 4 by Ron about Ivory
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I purchased Ummy Video Downloader in 2016. My computer crashed and I want to reinstall. How can I do this without paying for it again?
asked Jan 25 by Amy McMillan about Ummy Video Downloader
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What are system requirements for Azada:Elementa?
asked Jan 20 about Azada: Elementa
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What is the cost of the full version of Investoscope?
asked Jan 19 by Malcolm about Investoscope
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Can I talk to Siri online without download?
asked Jan 19 about Siri
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Does ReadIris 11.6 run on Mac Sierra or other earlier versions of the Mac OS?
asked Jan 19 about Readiris
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I have a MacBook Air.
asked Jan 17 by Caroline Turner about Print Shop 2
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How to remove this app?
asked Jan 15 about Easy Connect
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MacBook Pro is sick. Need to clean it but program is running slow.
asked Jan 12 by Ed about BitMedic AntiVirus
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How to scan barcodes on iMac with Home Library?
asked Jan 9 about Home Library OS
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Will ImageJ64 work with Mac High Sierra 10.13.1?
asked Jan 9 by Gainer about ImageJ64
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With Midico Karaoke maker, can I use my own music and add my own lyrics a line at a time and is there a video with step by step instruction?
asked Jan 3 by sheepdog31 about MidiCo Karaoke Player and Maker
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I read in a review of the RX100 that the camera images require an Image Converter for Mac to handle RAW conversions.
asked Jan 3 by hamewith about Image Data Converter
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I already have Garden Planner on my desktop. How do I get it for my laptop?
asked Dec 26, 2017 by Bob Powell about Garden Planner 3
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Does Scanpotter work under Mac OS X High Sierra? I am having trouble just after upgrading my OS.
asked Dec 14, 2017 about ScanPotter