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Latest questions about "mac os"

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We have installed the trial version of screen time for flash for MAC. Kindly let us know the costing and the procedure to buy the same.
asked Jun 26 by Pankti about Screentime for Flash
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I have an Asus notebook with Windows 10 and it says "error launching installer" when I try to install it. What should I do?
asked Jun 25 by johnny lai about Printer Pro Desktop
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I get a "communications error" when I try to transfer with Nikon Transfer 2.
asked Jun 25 by John V about Nikon Transfer
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can you get mods like a Naruto mod and add it to the game or is it just the regular version.
asked Jun 21 about Minecraft
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I can't find any way to unblock my app.
asked Jun 18 about iSecretPhoto
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Basic Mac Data Recovery: The basic question of your mac data recovery starts with whether it is Ok for you to upgrade from your OS X 10.5. Mountain Lion to macOS10.
asked May 31 by annlee (1.5k points)
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I can't install. It's showing me a "File damage" error. Could you help me, please?
asked May 19 by Zamy about Sound Set Editor
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I downloaded Kubios HRV Standard 3.1.0 but I couldn't open it because it is requested the key. You sent me by email when I purchased the program.
asked May 17 about Kubios HRV Standard
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I can use the shortcut to copy the selected color (via magnifying glass), but I cannot see the application to change the color format it is saving to the clipboard.
asked May 11 about ColorSnapper2
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Is Morph Age Express compatible with Mac OS 10.8.5?
asked May 8 by Wade about Morph Age Express — Easily Morph Photos
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Is there a version that works on Mac OS? I'd greatly appreciate it.
asked May 3 by Rodolfo about ER Assistant
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Can someone help me to get hold of Zuma Deluxe, no matter what I try, it does not seem to be able to download or buy. Does anyone know a solution?
asked May 2 by Rita Janssen about Zuma Deluxe
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Can I install this program on my laptop as well?
asked May 2 by Gerry Boylan about LandscapePro
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Why does the computer make a horrendous noise when MASSTER AVCAP is plugged in?
asked Apr 23 by Ace about MASSTER AVCAP
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I also get the error saying the printer is not found when trying to use the Newsoft CD Labeler program. I have updated to driver and re-downloaded everything.
asked Apr 11 by tonia about NewSoft CD Labeler
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Will this software work on a MacBook Pro with OS 10.7.3?
asked Apr 10 about Orban Loudness Meter
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What Mac OS is required for Orban Loudness Meter?
asked Apr 10 about Orban Loudness Meter
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Why can't I get a 360 video to go into Spatial Meta Data Injector?
asked Apr 7 about Spatial Media Metadata Injector