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Latest questions about "chat and instant messaging"

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Why does a friend suddenly disappear from Facebook and messenger?
asked Jul 22 about Facebook Messenger
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Where to buy?
asked May 20 by Lori about CW Communcator
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out of the blue cw com has stopped giving correct dots and dashes, if I hold either the dot or the dash (iambic) the dots and dashes change speed from slow to fast to slow.
asked Apr 20 about CW Communcator
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hello I installed Im magician but black screen and settings not active please help me thnaks I use Windows 10 64 bit
asked Aug 26, 2019 about IM Magician
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My contact has a profile picture which I can see by viewing his profile however in the chat itself, it all of a sudden disappeared (the little icon when he writes IN the chat).
asked May 27, 2019
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It gives me errors (self-registraton error)(Vimisoft Studio could not be found). What do I need to do?
asked May 13, 2019 about IM Magician
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how do i have a pay version of this apps / software SMSCaster E-Marketer GSM Standard v3.7
asked Apr 30, 2019 by Parklee about SMSCaster E-Marketer GSM Standard
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i need download old vision of paltalk without vidio
asked Apr 29, 2019 about PaltalkScene
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Im prefer to use Paltalk Old Version. How to get Link for Pal Old version. Now i use windows 10. TY
asked Apr 25, 2019 by Marcell about Paltalk Messenger
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we use raid call 8.20 for windows… 64 b... and he is doesn't working
asked Apr 24, 2019 about RaidCall
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Can some one give link for classic 11.8 thanks
asked Apr 24, 2019 by Rodney2007 about Paltalk Messenger
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We are paying to 'buy' MXIE and paying the same amount again for a license.
asked Oct 18, 2018 by Robin about MXIE
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Hi, so I have been on YakChat-4400 for a very long time, but I recently stopped and no longer have a Windows computer. But I bought an application that lets me use Windows.
asked Apr 5, 2018 about YakChat-4400
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Can I see everybody on messenger and chat , and can they tell I’m on there?
asked Mar 1, 2018 about Zoosk Messenger
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I have heard that everything and everyone I message will be privy to my conversations on the new Messenger download. If this is true, I will not be using Messenger anymore.
asked Jan 20, 2018 about Facebook Messenger