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Latest questions about "chat and instant messaging"

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I've tried to configure Boghe IMS client for ordinary SIP non IMS network. I could no make it work. Does any one know hot to do it?
asked Nov 28 by Metod about Boghe IMS Client
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I noticed some messages that were sent from my phone in a group chat, which I didn't send. How is that possible?
asked Oct 21 by Vola about Viber Messenger
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When you block somebody on Snapchat does it delete the messages from their phone too?
asked Sep 23 about Snapchat
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I uninstalled Viber because of the storage problem. When I uninstalled it, there were unread messages. How do I get them?
asked Sep 16 about Viber Messenger
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Can I join the same group after I deleted and left if I have no contact with the others?
asked Aug 2
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We are facing problems in 2 computers (PC1 & PC2). We are using Borgchat v1.0.0.438.
asked Jul 5 by admin about BORGChat
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I need to receive some artwork files from China. What's the file size limit on QQ International?
asked Jun 26 by GREGRL about QQ International
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I was blocked, where can I see who blocked me?
asked Jun 12 by Jelena Lugic about Viber Messenger
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I sent a message to an offline Viber user. After a few minutes I deleted it. Will he see that I wrote and deleted a message when he'll be online?
asked Jun 6 by Tsak about Viber Messenger
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Is MessagePopup II compatible with Windows 10? We have the old MessagePopup tool, but Windows 10 blocked it off. Thank you.
asked Apr 24 about MessagePopup II
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I installed ICQ on my Android device, but I cannot open it.
asked Apr 17 about ICQ
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Is LANCet Chat Hippa compliant?
asked Mar 24 by Renita about LANcet Chat
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Can I get rid of the ID, or can they search me by name if they want to find me here?
asked Mar 23 by Barrie Stander about WeChat
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Hi there! Is there a version of Softros LAN Messenger that I can install on my Mac?
asked Mar 21 about Softros LAN Messenger
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Is it possible and can someone just send you a message or call you in Viber without showing their phone number? Like its completely only "Unknown" will appear?
asked Mar 20 by Itz2much4me
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Can you tell me what it means if a person's status from my Viber list says: Last online January 1, 1970, though I know she was online two days ago?
asked Mar 17 by Lara
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Removed all girls from my Snapchat to make the girlfriend happy, well her friend said I added her when I didn't by any means.
asked Mar 3 by Boyfriend in distress about Snapchat
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I deleted my Viber, and it still shows my status about 8 days and then it disappears. Would you like to help me?
asked Feb 26 by Beko about Viber
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How can I erase a history chat?
asked Feb 22 by Alex D (250 points) about Softros LAN Messenger