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Have deleted application, but unable to see secure partition with all my data

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I have deleted the Password Protection manager which was located in the partition with no data on. My data is in the partition called secure and I can't see this anymore. I have tried to re-install PPM again on the partition, but it warns that all data will be lost. Does this only apply to the partition made for the PPM or does that also mean all the data will gone on the secure partition that I can't see at the moment that has all my data on?

Please help, have contacted Sony and they have been completely useless in responding or giving a definitive solution.

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When you reinstall the application on the same partition, it means it will wipe the data on that partition without any possibility to recover the files stored on. I thought that Sony will fix this issue since it's their product. I didn't find any solutions for this issue on other visited websites. I have checked the official Sony forums, but users complain about the low support they offer.

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