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Latest questions about "security and privacy"

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Used the utility for many years on several machines. I have multiple *.4uo data files. How can I merge them into one file?
asked 5 days ago by Heyn about 4UOnly
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When I choose Visible for a locked folder, can I signify with/change the folder icon to show that the folder is locked?
asked Oct 9 about Easy File Locker
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I just upgraded my iPhone to iOS 11. When I try to open the SafeWallet app I get a message: "SafeWallet needs to be updated. The developer of this app needs to update it to work with iOS 11.
asked Oct 9 by Jim about SBSH SafeWallet
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I need Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows XP SP2. What will I do for that?
asked Sep 9 by vanji about Kaspersky Internet Security
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When I open Norton, I cannot do any update or scan. A red screen comes up with "Coming soon". Is this normal?
asked Aug 13 about Norton Security
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We updated the computer to Windows 10, but the Intact printer doesn't show up in the printer list. Is the software compatible with Windows 10?
asked Jul 28 about Intact SMART
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I have Password Power 2.1 for many years. I would like to export the mypass.pas file to Excel. Can I do so?
asked Jul 25 by George about WorldStart Password Power
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The above is the error message I am now getting. I am not real tech savvy but have looked for a solution to no availability. Can you please give me some guidance?
asked Jul 22 by john ardolino about NVMS-1000
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My photos now have blue arrows over them and apparently, it has to do with Norton. Could you please help?
asked Jul 11 by SK about Norton Security
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Is it OK to let Norton Security remove task.vbs from my Windows 10 computer?
asked Jul 8 about Norton Security
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Icon keeps popping up that says today you have to upgrade the new Fairpoint security suite, how do I get it? It won't let me install on my husband's computer.
asked Jul 1 by Cindy Duguay about FairPoint Security Suite
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I really like Sophos Free Encryption on Windows. However, I can't seem to find an iPad/ iPhone app (free or with cost) which will allow me to open the encrypted files on my iPad/iPhone (e.
asked Jun 12 by JFSA about Sophos Free Encryption
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Dad passed away over a year ago and left his computer's password protected. He has all of our family photos and other memories stored on the computers and we currently don't have any access to them.
asked Jun 6 about Password Breaker
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I just received notification that my automatic renewal just occurred. I purchased new laptop to replace my old one and the Bestbuy installed their own virus protection.
asked May 30 about Kaspersky Internet Security
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Consider Kaspersky Security Center 10. There is an Automatic installation task created for the Kaspersky Network Agent in the Managed computers group.
asked May 28 by Tumelo about Kaspersky Internet Security
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Why isn't password manager checked like all other activities?
asked May 22 about Webroot AntiVirus
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Should I turn on Windows security while running Kaspersky Anti-Virus?
asked May 14 by Mark about Kaspersky Anti-Virus
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I purchased TotalAV PRO yesterday, but nothing got downloaded. Now, I cannot sign-in. Please, help me.
asked May 14 by Keith Hastings about TotalAV
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It is not that I don't remember the password, but when I right click on the folder and try to unlock it an error message pops up saying "Location is not available".
asked May 2 about Alfa Folder Locker