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Latest questions about "security and privacy"

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I'm trying to determine whether Sentinel Protection Installer 7.3.2 end of support?
asked 2 days ago about Sentinel Protection Installer
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After installing version 5.5.0 of GiliSoft USB Lock. I start using app as trial version ,but now I forget my password on app. and all system is locked and i can't anything.
asked Sep 21 by hadi about GiliSoft USB Lock
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Paid for service to begin 6/20/19. Not working because today 9/3/19 had to pay to have my computer cleaned from virus's. Need Safekey installed ASAP.
asked Sep 4 by Stephen Cooper about McAfee SafeKey Installer
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The ad says that it works on PCs "running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8." It doesn't mention Windows 10, so I guess it doesn't work in Windows 10, right>
asked Sep 2 by Emile about netCheckPost Family Internet Protection
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Hi when i am starting activeHome Pro I have now this message; Could not communicante to thé network server , error 3 Error getting X10 Net interface.
asked Aug 19 about ActiveHome Pro
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Noticed link broken here and XPA. Is the software still available. I need help getting my MSL. I read on XDA that this was posted and explained.
asked Aug 10 by Juju Bee about CDMA Workshop
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I have Handy Safe Pro 3.01 292 installed on laptop with windows 10 , I have phone Moto X4 with P9 OS and latest Handy Safe app on it.
asked Aug 7 by Alan about Handy Safe Desktop Professional
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Please send me contact info... am i up for renewal? is it working properly? things seem off
asked Jul 22 by Reiner Kolodinski about Resolutions Cloud Antivirus
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If I try to download version 8.2, I get version 7
asked Jun 27 about ProDiscover Basic
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I need the password reveal astrectics
asked Jun 4 by ********** about Password Spyer
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Where can I buy the full version of PW safe. I know the website is closed, but maybe I can go directly in contact with the programmer
asked May 31 by Udo Kinscherf about Bagusoft Password Safe
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currently on a windows 10 pc. can i sync whisper32 to my android phone?
asked May 14 by Ian about Whisper 32