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Latest questions about "security and privacy"

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Hi I bought Visual Protect in its very early stages and worked with visage to iron many problems out right up to version 3.5 Problem is I can no longer find my install files or my license keys.
asked Sep 14 by Jeff Rollo about Visual Protect
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what are the hotspot shaild apps can connect for windows 7
asked Sep 14 by chathuri about Hotspot Shield
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I am either looking for a Acerose Password Vault (MAC Version) or another password vault (MAC compatible) that I can import the CSV file from Acerose to.
asked Jul 16 by Julie about Acerose Password Vault
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Please, this is no the first time, I keep unlock and lock my folder for security purposes, but this is the second time I unlock the Folder, and any of my files are there, the folder is empty.
asked Jun 25 by Georgina Moore about Alfa Folder Locker
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It shows a false positive. How to fix?
asked Jun 7 about USB Worm Protection
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How do I set a Static IP address for the CCTV camera?
asked May 14 about Blue Iris
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I am getting "AVG error, please enter the license number. There is no license number", then it wants me to close. AVG. How do I fix?
asked May 13 by Florida about AVG AntiVirus Free
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In Norton properties Windows 8 is referenced, what does that mean & some think that Windows 10 is not compatible.
asked May 3 by Winston Wier about Norton Security
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OK, so the download is "free", but how much does it cost for the program.
asked Apr 18 by FedUpWithScams about Windows Password Recovery Professional
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Will CA Anti-spam work on Windows 10?
asked Apr 18 about CA Anti-Spam
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How to recover lost password on v4.0?
asked Mar 29 about SecretFolder
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same as above.
asked Mar 8 by HARSH KUMAR UPADHYAY about VoicePass PC Security Lock
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How long does a ProDiscover wipe take? I have a USB which is about 32 GB and its been already 3 hours.
asked Feb 27 about ProDiscover Basic
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Have been using this for a quite a while. I have versions on iPad, iPhone and PC and they all sync. However had to restore Windows 10 on the PC and it uninstalled the application.
asked Jan 15 by David McCrady about Passwords Plus
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Is there a Windows 10 version available?
asked Dec 25, 2017 by George about Amiti Antivirus
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Does this work for Mac PC? Is it compatible for Hi Focus DVR?
asked Dec 14, 2017 by Farook Kamal 9443066265 about DVR Remote Viewer