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Latest questions about "video tools"

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The workflow the question in the title refers is to made un DCP VF in DCPOmatic. The XML file could refer as wel to image based subs (png) or txt based subs.
asked Mar 16 by Jean about iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor
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Can it recover my VHS-films to DVD?
asked Feb 7 by Janne about AVerMedia RECentral
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I will be installing Windows 10 Home 64-bit under Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro, 16 GB RAM, Intel i7 quad-core, 500 GB SSD. Thanks!
asked Jan 20 by Russ about FireCapture
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we were using to this program in window 7. we will change window 7 to window 10. is the program available in win10 and 64bits? if it is not posible, would you recommended other program?
asked Jan 15 about AVer MediaCenter 3D
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The Aimone Video Splitter open the video file, but does not show anything in its video box. It shows the video time information correctly and can split the video without any problem.
asked Jan 9 by Teddy about AimOne Video Splitter
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Dear Sir / Madam, I have reinstalled the AimOne MP4 Cutter & Joiner on my new PC, but now I only have sound no more movie images, how is that possible?
asked Dec 23, 2019 by Gwen backhoven about AimOne MP4 Cutter & Joiner
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Does this program allow you to change the location of the captions?
asked Dec 9, 2019 about CaptionMaker
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how to solve problem Missing demuxer plugin:PNG
asked Nov 21, 2019 by Hiroshi Hayami about Air Video Server HD
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I recently upgrade to Mac OS 10.15 - Catalina and realized afterwards that Graboid will no longer run on my computer because the Mac version is not 64-bit.
asked Oct 23, 2019 about Graboid Video