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I had DVD MovieFactory 3 installed on my PC, and I updated it to 3.5. However, I had to restore my computer, and now, I can't find the 3.5 version to update my 3.
asked May 9, 2017 by Robert R. Wallace about Ulead DVD MovieFactory
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I would like to download my purchase of Beader's Canvas to a DVD so I can use it on both laptop and desktop devices. Is this possible?
asked Apr 18, 2016 by Loretta Bell-Ironmaker about Beader's Canvas
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Lost my Optimum PhotoShow Deluxe. Don't have key. Optimum has no records. I have a show that is important to me. Bought Optimum PhotoShow Deluxe in 2007 or 08.
asked Oct 29, 2015 by Astrid about PhotoShow
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I have some MP4 video files on my hard drive that I want to burn to disc so I can play them on a DVD player. What format should they be converted to (sorry if I appear to be a bit thicky)?
asked May 24, 2015
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I am trying to create a DVD with my edited videos for home movie archives. How can I edit and then transfer to my DVD?
asked May 10, 2014
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I have Super DVD Creator for many years, but now it tells me that I don't have a DVD burner. I have one. Can you help?
asked Apr 21, 2014 about Super DVD Creator
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I'm trying to print a DVD case. I insert it and I get a label print menu, which doesn't allow me to print. I had never ran into this problem in the past.
asked Apr 3, 2014
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Ulead DVD Picture Show 2 has no music in my preview of my slideshow. How to fix it?
asked Mar 20, 2014 about Ulead DVD MovieFactory
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Both HD DVD and Blu-ray are popular in the video business. I wanna know if their picture looks the same or has some difference. Can you find a media player that supports both of them?
asked Jan 14, 2014 by JosephBenjamin (2.2k points)
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I'm trying to watch DVDs on my laptop, but the Clear Fi Media program keeps saying they all use the wrong region code.
asked Dec 21, 2013
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How can I make a copy of my DVD to another DVD?
asked Dec 20, 2013 about InstaBurner
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Why does Sonic RecordNow! not work on Windows 7? One time I have used the application on Windows 7, but after I format my PC it doesn't work on Windows 7.
asked Nov 27, 2013 about Sonic RecordNow!
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How can I copy the content from a DVD to my computer with this application?
asked Nov 21, 2013 about InstaBurner
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When I click on Data and try to copy a DVD Movie to a DVD+R/RW it says unsupported media and OK isn't highlighted. Why? Can this be done?
asked Nov 10, 2013
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Can anyone tell me the steps to burn an AVI file on a DVD?
asked Oct 23, 2013
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Where can I purchase the Cyberlink DVD Suite Deluxe disk?
asked Oct 5, 2013 about CyberLink DVD Suite Deluxe
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How to burn USB content recorded on PVR to DVD?
asked Oct 2, 2013
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I have a DVD with a VOB file of 3443 MB. I can't use the application I have to dupe it because the destination DVD only holds 700 MB.
asked Sep 20, 2013
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On lots of VHS tapes there are "dead spots" with nothing but blackness. Every time I get to one of those spots Roxio automatically stops recording.
asked Aug 26, 2013 about Roxio Creator