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Latest questions about "windows 7"

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Computer crashed and need to update 4D Embroidery System on Windows 7.
asked Jun 30 by Barbara Kriewald about 4D Embroidery System Update
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asked Jun 21 about PEI (Projektovanje Elektricnih Instalacija)
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In the past it was working on Windows XP but the download on Windows 7 is not working.
asked May 2 by Guest #106951475 (120 points) about MaxCut
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Have 3610 Afl scanner, need to install in Windows 7. Can this be done?
asked Apr 18 by Guest #106907577 (120 points) about CyberView X - MF
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What can't I start EasyWeather 2 program on Windows 7 64bit?
asked Apr 4 by jdh about EasyWeatherPlus
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Is there an upgrade for my Windows 98-XP version to run on Windows 7?
asked Apr 3 by Ron Clarke
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Why can't I start EasyWeather 2 program on Windows 7 64bit?
asked Apr 3 by hdh about EasyWeatherPlus
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Does FREE!ship exist for Windows 7 64 bit?
asked Apr 2 about FREE!ship
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Does instant id plus have a Windows 7 update?
asked Mar 16 about Instant ID Plus
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I have got a negative Digitiser SND 3600 C2 and a Windows 7 computer. The CD says no video device and nothing happens when I plug in the USB connections.
asked Feb 8 by phil about SilverCrest drivers
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I want to install driver for Lumidigm V30x fingerprint sensor for Window 7 Ultimate.
asked Jan 28 by N B PATHAK about Lumidigm Drivers V30x M30x
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3 answers 232 views
After installing I am getting pop up like Nudi is already started. But I can't open Nudi.
asked Jan 19 by KRISHNAMURTHY GOVINDARAJ about Nudi
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What free version of Baraha is suitable for Windows Excel (xlsx) file-typing in Telugu?
asked Jan 9 about Baraha
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Running Windows 10 and followed the troubleshooting for closing down when clicking on CALL. Still closes down and have unplugged all inputs and made all settings enabled every time it shuts down.
asked Jan 3 by Simon Parker about KH Conf
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Why Vtope bot is not running in Windows 7 while for 14 or 15 days it was moving good but now when I open the bot program it is showing loading and after that automatically gone from display screen...
asked Jan 3 by Irsa about Vtope bot версия
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Which version of AEP to ASCII works with Windows 7?
asked Dec 15, 2017 by Ayub Valadbeigi (140 points) about AEP to ASCII
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Can I download a copy of Cakewalk Pyro 2004 for Windows 7? I have one installed for XP. What price if I have to buy (or can I use my old license?
asked Dec 4, 2017 by Abraham about Cakewalk Pyro
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Does it need Java to install on a Windows 7 PC?
asked Nov 24, 2017 about VNT Converter
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2 answers 91 views
I lost the ability to perform hotsync on Windows 7. I have Palm Zire72 handheld/desktop by ACCESS 6.2.2 and Hotsync Mgr 7.0.2 installed.
asked Nov 8, 2017 by eric about Palm™ Desktop by ACCESS
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Recently I bought a Katana 50; discovered BTS requires Windows 7 as a minimum. Is it possible to run the BTS software in XP at all? If not, any viable alternatives?
asked Nov 2, 2017 by Andrew Duncan about BOSS TONE STUDIO for KATANA