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Latest questions about "recovery"

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iPhone Text messages or SMS plays an important role in daily life. It delivers significant information among friends, family, colleagues even commercial partners.
asked Jun 27 by Caroline4456 (1.5k points)
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When we lost/delete pictures, videos, etc. on iPad, what can we do?
asked Jun 14 by Caroline4456 (1.5k points)
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How to restore deleted Contacts from Huawei Mate 10?
asked Oct 27, 2017 by Debini 2 (360 points)
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2 answers 112 views
How can I restore Android data after Factory Reset?
asked Oct 25, 2017 by Debini 2 (360 points)
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2 answers 72 views
Finally had the most talked about iOS 11 on my iPhone 7 Plus and it was really cool but I just lost my call history. Can I still get back call history after iOS 11 update?
asked Oct 18, 2017 by Debini 2 (360 points)
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I am using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and I accidentally deleted few photos which I later on needed. Is there any easiest way to recover deleted photos on Xiaomi?
asked Oct 13, 2017 by Debini 2 (360 points)
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6 answers 317 views
I need to recover some missing contacts from my Android phone. I checked similar posts on the site but all the suggestions I saw required a rooted phone, which will void the warranty.
asked Mar 27, 2017 by imoedddy (120 points)
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When I boot, system goes into Recovery mode. How do I get passed that?
asked Dec 11, 2016 by Neil about ClickIt Inc SmartCamXi HVR Client
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I recently completed a hotswap and needed to reinstall MindJet MindManager. The application is asking for my license key, but I cannot find it.
asked Aug 9, 2016 by Simon Gray
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I am using OnePlus Two, which is a great Android phone. However, the messages can be easily deleted by a tap with the stock messaging app. Now my little boy deleted at least 10 recent messages.
asked Jun 4, 2016 by arlanick (120 points)
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1 answer 65 views
I've lost my voice recordings on my phone. Any suggestions how to recover them?
asked Mar 16, 2016 by bridgettann1970 (120 points)
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My WeChat version is 6.3.5 and this version does not have any backup icon for me. How can I recover my chat history back?
asked Nov 30, 2015 by terrance about WeChat
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Will restoring my computer using the Recovery (D) Drive give me a clean restore leaving no trace of malware left by hackers?
asked Nov 23, 2015
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1 answer 91 views
Restarted my computer at earlier date and seem to have lost my way of getting to my account. Please help me out.
asked Nov 20, 2015
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2 answers 86 views
I am attempting to run Dell Backup and Recovery v. Premium, to create a System Recovery. No matter what I do it will not recognize my Cruz USB flash drive.
asked Nov 14, 2015 about Dell Backup and Recovery - Support Software
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I have a K3 Note with the CHINESE ROM VIBEUI V251512_5495.1 and I'd like to install a recovery and root the phone; the user interface of the LENOVO Smart Assistant is only in Chinese.
asked Nov 13, 2015 by sergio
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1 answer 58 views
I purchased Drumsite a few years ago and installed it on my laptop, I started out with the trial version and decided I liked it so I bought the full version.
asked Nov 10, 2015 by Dan Lukens
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1 answer 167 views
Restoring accidentally deleted files on Android.
asked Oct 15, 2015
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4 answers 287 views
I deleted my contacts by accident and I didn't save them to other platforms, is there any way to help me recover those contacts?
asked Oct 8, 2015 by Joannana (2.4k points)
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1 answer 78 views
I am an instructional tech specialist in my school district and have received calls about this that I don't know the answer to.
asked Sep 24, 2015 by Leah about ExamView Pro