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How long to keep the backup of files?

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(Regarding Backup Now EZ How long should I keep the backup of files stored on my external hard drive? Some of these date back to July 2012, and occupy 92.5 GB of valuable space.

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If you perform a recursive backup, then it's OK to delete old ones because as soon as you make a new backup with the same content plus the updated one, then it's safe to delete the old backup. Nowadays, many backup solutions offer you the possibility to browse the backup file and you can take advantage of this feature to extract the necessary content from the old backup to transfer it to a new one and then delete it. It's only up to you whether you want or not to keep it.

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Always delete the old backups that have been updated & are no longer in use.

However, I would suggest to keep the last version of the programme, as in case if the latest one is not proper in functions you can switch to the old one without downloading it again.

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