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Latest questions about "communications"

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After signing up with Rebtel, can I use phone to make phone calls?
asked 3 days ago about Rebtel
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0 answers 11 views
I can't create an account after successfully installed, what's the way forward
asked Oct 3 by James Green (660 points) about iCall
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0 answers 39 views
Hi, please, could someone let me know if this software is compatible with Windows 10? If not does anyone know where I can find a version that is?
asked Oct 1 by dan woodhouse about EZ Keys
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1 answer 29 views
I'm using MyPhoneExplorer version 1.8.8. and I clicked on "Delete passed events" by accident. How do I remove the delete flags on all passed events before I delete all my appointments?
asked Aug 28 by Dacord about MyPhoneExplorer
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1 answer 29 views
Looked like a warning, and thought it would just limit, I was dumb. Now YouCam does not work and I need to fix it, but cannot figure it out how.
asked Aug 21 by Jake about CyberLink YouCam
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1 answer 37 views
Will Fldigi work with Windows 10?
asked Aug 14 by Butch Lebold about Fldigi
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1 answer 118 views
How to get notification when Viber contact goes online?
asked Aug 13 about Viber
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1 answer 67 views
Every time I go and try to unblock this certain person I have blocked my Snapchat says "Could not unblock friend. Please try...
asked Aug 7 about Snapchat
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1 answer 51 views
What does "last seen a long time ago" mean? In Greek, it shows "A moment ago" which is completely different. So when was this person online?
asked Aug 7 by Angy about Viber
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1 answer 51 views
Can I join the same group after I deleted and left if I have no contact with the others?
asked Aug 2
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1 answer 35 views
Do I need a phone line to receive faxes?
asked Aug 1 about TTMessenger Business edition
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1 answer 34 views
The calendar is not appearing on the screen when I hit Search and Playback, which is where I think you set the time and date? Help, anyone? Thank you!
asked Jul 14 by Susan about Blackbox NS840
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1 answer 38 views
Does this work with iPhones with bad ESN?
asked Jul 7 by Dmon3y about CIUX MOBILE IMEI UNLOCKER
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1 answer 44 views
We are facing problems in 2 computers (PC1 & PC2). We are using Borgchat v1.0.0.438.
asked Jul 5 by admin about BORGChat
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1 answer 51 views
How to make image clearer in Night Mode?
asked Jul 4 by teresa silva (120 points) about Microsoft LifeCam
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1 answer 53 views
We need the KPG-124 DK software for a Kenwood TK 7302 radio. What is the cost of this software?
asked Jun 26 by Michaela Moser
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1 answer 70 views
I need to receive some artwork files from China. What's the file size limit on QQ International?
asked Jun 26 by GREGRL about QQ International
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1 answer 80 views
Can you use the AOL Easy Transfer Wizard to switch to a Gmail account?
asked Jun 18 about AOL Easy Transfer Wizard
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2 answers 67 views
I agree and click install but that's as far as it goes. Nothing else happens. It stays stuck on installing. It will remain at 0%.
asked Jun 4 by Yolanda 4 (120 points) about Wondershare MobileGo
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1 answer 40 views
I bought my phone in Vietnam on business a year ago(Samsung J3). About 2 days ago all the Stickers in Viber just switched to Vietnamese.
asked May 28 by BILL about Viber Messenger