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Lost activation key because of hard drive replacement.

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My dilemma: Have an old PC running Windows XP. It originally came with a 40GB HDD. When multiple programs started to refuse to run, I purchased a 160GB HDD. I copied the data from the old to the new, removed the old and inserted the new. To get it to free up the remaining 120GB unallocated portion had to jump through some utility programs my nephew had. Once the entire 114GB remaining became allocated disc space all was fine. I entered in Castblaster which I've owned going back to around 2006-07. The product key allows 30 days trial at which point an activation key is needed. Unfortunately the change in hard drives appears to Castblaster as a new PC, so the old key is useless. I originally purchased the program from Mike (?last name?} of the Netherlands, its developer and creator. It was then sold to Mevio and now who knows who owns it?! I've used it to produce my pioneering podcast, Ed's Mixed Bag and some other more recent podcasts. Where in the world can I get an activation key allowing me to continue with the Castblaster software I own? HELP!

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The domain that hosted the application has expired. However, you can still get in touch with Mike Versteeg, its original developer using the contact info on his personal website. You have the possibility to call, email and get in touch with him using Twitter or Facebook.

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