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Latest questions about "android support"

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Want to Un-root android phone. I just don't know how can I do it. Failed a lot of times.
asked Aug 1, 2018 by leostandy (100 points)
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1 answer 372 views
Can I use Kaluach on my Android phone?
asked Apr 13, 2018 about Kaluach3
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1 answer 942 views
Can I play RahJongg on my Android phone?
asked Apr 3, 2018 by Rosalind Tims about RahJongg- The Curse of Ra
0 votes
1 answer 338 views
Is the True Astrology Software available for Android?
asked Mar 26, 2018 about True Astrology
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2 answers 240 views
Can I use this on an Android tablet?
asked Oct 30, 2017 by DD about STERLING
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1 answer 446 views
Is there any plan to create an Android version of Garmin BaseCamp?
asked Jun 20, 2017 by Cintrog about Garmin BaseCamp
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6 answers 536 views
I need to recover some missing contacts from my Android phone. I checked similar posts on the site but all the suggestions I saw required a rooted phone, which will void the warranty.
asked Mar 27, 2017 by imoedddy (120 points)
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1 answer 480 views
I think the Kyodai Mahjongg 2006 is super nice and was hooked to the PC game, but now I have no PC anymore and would like to play on the tablet running Android.
asked Mar 1, 2017 by Fabienne Buyck about Kyodai Mahjongg
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1 answer 254 views
Does RegCure Pro work on Android devices?
asked Feb 18, 2017 by Brian Wilson about RegCure Pro
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1 answer 282 views
Can I install McAfee on an Android tablet?
asked Jan 25, 2017 by Pat about McAfee SecurityCenter
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1 answer 222 views
Is it for computers only? Or will it work on Android tablet?
asked Jan 9, 2017 about Bolt PDF Printer
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1 answer 255 views
Is Detector Tools available for Android devices?
asked Jul 6, 2016 about Detector Tools
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1 answer 216 views
Do you have the intra oral cam software that can be installed on Android devices?
asked Jun 28, 2016 by kiran about Hemant's Medicam Imaging Software
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1 answer 235 views
Is there a version of JVault that I can put on my Android phone or tablet and share the information stored?. I have Jvault on my desktop. How can I share this on my Samsung phone or tablet?
asked Jun 14, 2016 by Sheri Hokin about jVault Desktop Beta
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1 answer 375 views
Is SPSS Data Entry Builder available for tablets or Android or Mac computers?
asked May 4, 2016 by LOCH Leangseng (120 points)
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1 answer 535 views
Is there an app to allow the use of Emcee Pro on an Android phone or tablet?
asked Feb 21, 2016 about Emcee Pro
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1 answer 273 views
Does Heng Qiang PDS have an Android version?
asked Feb 16, 2016 by perves about Heng Qiang PDS
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1 answer 333 views
Can it run on a Android based tablet?
asked Dec 20, 2015 about Eclipse Logbook
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1 answer 591 views
I have entered too many pattern attempts and forgot my backup PIN. I have a Galaxy GT-5282 phone.
asked Nov 16, 2015 by prem
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1 answer 224 views
Will this download work on an Android phone?
asked Oct 15, 2015 about NevoSoft Stone Jong