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Latest questions about "startup"

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hey there. we are currently updating all our shop computers. (32 bit systems - 64 bit) and now the software wont start up we are looking for new installation files or some sort of assistance.
asked Apr 20 about Lewis PAY-PACK
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Is it possible to activate the shortcuts config at the beginning of the system start? Right now, I have to activate them every time my computer wakes up, even from suspension.
asked Oct 27, 2015 by Manuel about Shortcut Manager
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Every time I open my computer, there is a display of the program. I have never been able to pass it away. The program never shows any results of helping me.
asked Aug 5, 2015 by Gustav Josefsson (120 points) about WinSweeper
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How do I eliminate this program from running? It is plain troublesome and I do not like it on my home PC.
asked Jun 19, 2015 by Ken Hager
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How can I make Registry Mechanic work with my Windows 8.1?
asked Apr 1, 2014 about Registry Mechanic
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GTA Vice City game is not running in Windows 7. What to do?
asked Mar 6, 2014 about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
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An error occurs when I launch the Free DVD Creator.
asked Oct 3, 2013 by Guest #28453478 (120 points) about Free DVD Creator
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I'm getting this message on the startup of my computer: c:\programfiles\conduit\ct3295549\plugins\tbverifier.dll Can you help?
asked Oct 2, 2013
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It has been 20 days since Skype has not open on my Dell laptop. What should I do?
asked Aug 22, 2013 by Guest #24741704 (120 points) about Skype
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I have locked some files with Folder Locker but when I exit the application and want to start it again, the shortcut does not launch the application anymore.
asked Jul 11, 2013 by Lakshman (120 points) about Folder Lock
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Acquired program years ago and have diligently updated it several times: room by room with historical costs, photos & substantial input.
asked May 16, 2013
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I have problems with Lifeframe. When I want to use my webcam and open Lifeframe, it doesn't work and a message appears saying 'Lifeframe 3 runs only on Vista or later'.
asked May 15, 2013
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Internet Explorer does not open.
asked May 15, 2013 by Guest #27358551 (120 points)
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I have a Gateway 2000 Destination XTV-400 computer (1998 model) running Windows 98 SE. The software for connecting to another "destination facility" is called Destivu (Gateway Destination Software).
asked Apr 28, 2013 by Bruce Hettesheimer (140 points)
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My Acer laptop takes nearly takes 15 minutes to start. It hangs at the point when it shows the Windows icon.
asked Mar 29, 2013 by Guest #26902399 (120 points)
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How can I delete a program from my computer? Every time I try to do it I am told that 'The program is running'.
asked Mar 22, 2013
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The Kaikkaran Software installed at our church is not working and gives an error message at startup: "Invalid Picture".
asked Mar 6, 2013 by Sibin 1 (120 points) about Kaikkaran
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I have Hallmark Card Studio 2006 and my reminders were working when I turned on my PC. But now it isn't opening when I turn on my PC.
asked Feb 25, 2013 about Hallmark Card Studio 2006
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My Avast anti-virus is not working and cannot run. What could be the problem?
asked Feb 25, 2013 by Guest #103507161 (120 points) about avast! Antivirus
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Every time I open my computer it wants to download Jucheck by Sun Microsystems. I said yes the first time, but it keeps asking me, then telling me I have the most recent installed version.
asked Feb 19, 2013