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Can't open program for WYO home Inventory despite extensive supportive files & it appearing as an "I" on my desktop.

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Acquired program years ago and have diligently updated it several times: room by room with historical costs, photos & substantial input. I could always access this program by clicking on the appropriate desktop icon. Went on vacation over the winter and now I find that I'm unable to gain entry. Has some program update been missed in January, February or March of this year ? I am using an XP system.

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Make sure that the paths are correct and there is no other application running and interfering with your products. If you can't start the application from your desktop, then use My Computer and browse manually to its install folder. It may be possible that the shortcut was corrupted and it cannot launch the application properly. The updates ensure that the product is upgraded to its maximum capability and functionality, but accidents happen and instead upgrading the product it breaks it making it unavailable and this could be prevented with a fresh installation.

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