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The Kaikkaran software is not working

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The Kaikkaran Software installed at our church is not working and gives an error message at startup: "Invalid Picture".
Kindly help us with the issue as we have an urgent requirement of the software in pulling up the report which is very critical. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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It seems that an asset is missing from the structure tree of your software. Usually this type of problems can easily be solved by re-installing the application. Diagnosing the error could take a lot of time and effort without results. First, you will need to uninstall the program, then use a setup package and perform a new installation.

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Hi, thanks a lot for the answer, we still have a problem, the person who gave us this software hasnt given us the software package to reinstall the application. If possible kindly share the link or guide me on how to proceed repairing or reinstalling the software. I really appreciate your assistance on this matter.
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The software in question is discontinued. The only way of obtaining it is to contact the distributor of the software, in this case, the person who gave you the software.
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