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Latest questions about "voip"

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How to change my YeeCall id? Or I need to make another YeeCall ID?
asked Apr 30, 2017
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1 answer 81 views
Hello! How can I contact CATIphone's sales?
asked Apr 3, 2017 about CATIPhone
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1 answer 43 views
I'm calling one of my banks, and their representative is transferring me to a robot to enter my pin #. I'm entering it, and the robot can't understand the pin.
asked Mar 29, 2017 by jaylee77 (120 points) about Aiglon DTMF Coder/Decoder
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I installed SJphone on my PC, but it's constantly showing a "SERVICE UNAVAILABLE" error. What's going on? Could you please give me an answer?
asked Mar 20, 2017 by vikas JM about SJphone
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Is there a Mac version for 1&1 SoftPhone?
asked Feb 3, 2017 about 1&1 SoftPhone
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I am looking for a VoIP softphone with encryption for Android devices, which has an easy-to-use interface and reserves the calls quality. Any recommendations?
asked Oct 4, 2015 by mohammadghazaev (120 points)
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I am in UAE and I am a regular user of IMO beta. From the first of September 2015 I am unable to make or receive voice calls.
asked Sep 3, 2015 by S.Rajagopalan (120 points)
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1 answer 132 views
I can't open dial-pad. When I am trying to open it's giving this error: "Unable to register to SIP Server".
asked Aug 24, 2015
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Cant make international calls through Groove IP Lite. The call doesn't go through.
asked Jul 8, 2015
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1 answer 265 views
What is the caller ID of GCC Mobile Dialer?
asked Apr 25, 2015 about GCC Mobile Dialer
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1 answer 215 views
I have a complaint, because starting with the last 2 days, we can't open the Nono Talk. In the time of signing in a message pops up: "Unable to register SIP server".
asked Apr 21, 2015
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1 answer 94 views
I have a Voipalot account, but I cannot sign in and use the money which are inside. What is the problem? My username and password are absolutely OK.
asked Feb 16, 2015
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1 answer 87 views
I live in the United States and haven't experienced a problem out of Nonoh until recently when I was trying to make a call to Africa. Can you tell me how to solve the problem?
asked Jan 18, 2015 about Nonoh
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1 answer 197 views
I had recharged Nymgo to my account on 11th january 2015. The recharged sum of IRS 2500 has been debited from my bank account, but the amount has not come into my Nymgo account.
asked Jan 15, 2015 about Nymgo
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1 answer 65 views
I want call my PC in Bangladesh. I have iPhone platinum calling card. How can I do it?
asked Dec 15, 2014 by Ramzan 1 (120 points)
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How can I tell if an incoming call is actually from a different number than what appears on the Caller ID?
asked Nov 17, 2014 by Need2knowgirl
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Is there any way to tell who a VOIP number belongs to? How can I tell if a particular device is using VOIP services?
asked Nov 17, 2014 by need2knowgirl
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Can I find free voice and video chat messengers?
asked Apr 30, 2014
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1 answer 328 views
How to download Qtel Voice?
asked Apr 28, 2014 by Guest #32038223 (120 points) about Qtel Voice