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Latest questions about "vista"

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I have Claris Home Page 3. Will this work with Windows Vista?
asked Jul 13, 2016 by Dale
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Does this mean that I can no longer use Google Chrome, since Vista will no longer be supported for it?
asked Feb 5, 2016 by Patrick Mettler about Google Chrome
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I wanted to scan with Microtek Scanwizard5 on Vista but it couldn't find my scanner, however my scanner is correctly installed (because I can see it on the Device Manager and I can import with Paint...
asked Jan 11, 2016 by sloane about Microtek ScanWizard 5
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It works fine with Windows Vista. Does it work under Windows 10?
asked Dec 29, 2015 about Grabster AV 300 MX Driver Installation (64 Bit)
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I bought Ocutouch The Physician - Patient Consultation Animations disc 4 years ago. Now it does not work with updated version of Windows. Could you help?
asked Dec 22, 2015 by Dr.S Shevchenko about Ocutouch
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Software Informer insists my Paint.NET is out of date, but the Paint.NET.4.0.3install' will not work as it insists it is for Windows 7 SP1 and above and will not load.
asked Nov 25, 2014 by Jadesqr (160 points) about Paint.NET
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I have been looking for SmartCase Logon+ ver 2.2, but can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know from where I would be able to download it for my FS lifebook T5010 Vista 32 bit?
asked Sep 27, 2014
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I followed your instruction on how to delete the program, but it will not uninstall unless I close a list of programs which include my antivirus and protection provided by Norton 360, which I will...
asked Sep 5, 2014 about Desktop Temperature Monitor
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I have a Windows Vista and Wamp server( localhost) and use it with WordPress.
asked Sep 4, 2014
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Can I use Air Media Centre to play music from my Samsung laptop with Vista OS with iTunes installed via Virgin Home Hub to Pioneer Blu-ray player connected to my Dennon AV AMP?
asked Nov 12, 2013
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Help me get rid of the current Adobe Flash Player as it does not load elements.
asked Aug 26, 2013 about Adobe Flash Player
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Please answer me about Flash Player which I want to download.
asked Jul 24, 2013 by Guest #27842090 (120 points) about Adobe Flash Player
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How to type සඤ්ඤක "ද"?
asked Jun 22, 2013 about Vista QuickFix for Sinhala
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I have problems with Lifeframe. When I want to use my webcam and open Lifeframe, it doesn't work and a message appears saying 'Lifeframe 3 runs only on Vista or later'.
asked May 15, 2013
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I now have a Windows Vista operating system and my Vorton Financial software is not compatible. How do I upgrade my software to work on Windows Vista?
asked Jan 14, 2013 by John 34 (120 points) about Vorton Financial Tools
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Forgot my Vista Inspirat password. How can I retrieve or change it?
asked Jan 8, 2013
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The computer was fixed by Geek Squad and now a popup says Windows Vista is not genuine. What do I do?
asked Dec 17, 2012
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I'm trying to clear cookies. I go to Preferences, Show details, and then click Remove all. I close Preferences, re-open, and see that many cookies have already returned.
asked Jul 23, 2012 by Michael Baloun (120 points) about Safari
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Im tired of seeing paywares and setups.
asked Jul 4, 2012
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How do I repair the Windows Installer service for Windows Vista home basic?
asked Jun 12, 2012 by Guest #14504259 (120 points) about Windows Installer