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I have a CamFive laser with a dongle and am using Smartcarve software. The dongle only works on 2.0 usb. My laptop only has 3.0 usb.
asked Jul 4, 2018 by Rena S. about SmartCarve
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I want to use my Truemove H 3G dongle in a new computer. Can you tell me what I need to do to set this up and get it working on my new computer?
asked Feb 15, 2017 about TrueMove H hi-speed connection
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I have Karizma Classic with dongle and now I upgraded the operating system from XP to Windows 7 and now Karizma Classic dongle is showing some error as security lock and now it's not working.
asked Aug 27, 2016 by charlie 9 (120 points) about Karizma Classic
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I want to activate a dongle delivered with a PFAFF 4D Suite Free Upgrade.
asked Feb 28, 2016
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I have a few questions about the software: What's the price for the latest version of PSSE Software? Does at the time of running the program is using a device like Dongle?
asked Jan 14, 2016 by Kukos Setosari about PSSE
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Even I have downloaded updated utilities from site but In my dongle is having a old software and it only supports Windows 8 or 8.1.
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At which voltage do I connect Digisol Dongle in power plug?
asked Oct 19, 2015 by Naval about DIGISOL Wireless LAN Driver and Utility
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What can I do to start a Dongle connection on my computer?
asked Mar 15, 2015 about TATA Photon+
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I have been issued with an RSA SecurID dongle which has stopped working. On the back panel there is a date 11/30/14. Is this an expiry date for the dongle or is the battery simply flat?
asked Dec 10, 2014 by DavidR about RSA SecurID
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I am a single user of ExNGN 1.5 since 2000. The dongle has been lost. Could you kindly suggest another way?
asked May 6, 2014 by devender jain (120 points)
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I just bought a Windows 8 computer and my customizing CD will not fit it. It says 6.2 on it and it also says Windows 95/98. It also says Emnet software.
asked Jan 25, 2014
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How do I get a password for (Setup - Register modules) registration? I have the HASP key and two previous dongles.
asked Jan 10, 2014 about ScanVec Inspire
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I have a Tata Photon Plus working on my old laptop with Windows 7 installed. I have installed the same Photon Plus on my new Windows 8 laptop but after the installation, it isn't connecting.
asked Dec 10, 2013
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I use Logic 5 with Roland RPC SI-24. Where can I get a dongle?
asked Nov 15, 2013
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If I acquire standard Viking Husqvarna 4D Embroidery Software, does I also get the dongle?
asked Aug 12, 2013
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Computer does not recognize ExCus Dongle. What should I do?
asked Apr 16, 2013
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I used the Vodafone dongle K3770-Z USB stick for Internet and I want to unlock it. Is it possible?
asked Mar 27, 2013
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Due to some problem in operating system (Windows XP) we have formatted Windows and installed a fresh copy of Formpak Cv-Contarcer 2000 software using the Software CD provided by Mitutoyo.
asked Feb 4, 2013
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I bought a dongle to connect my Samsung S3 Tommy TV but there is no AllShare Cast on my applications list and I can't connect with Allshare Play.
asked Jan 29, 2013
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