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Tata Photon isn't working on Windows 8.

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I have a Tata Photon Plus working on my old laptop with Windows 7 installed. I have installed the same Photon Plus on my new Windows 8 laptop but after the installation, it isn't connecting. I have uninstalled the program from Windows 8, but now it's not detecting my USB port from my laptop. How can I solve this?

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According to the following official website, not all devices from Tata Photon can be used on Windows 8. Before you try to do something else, visit the official website of the producer, and download the latest version of the driver designed for your device. If you can't find the ones that are compatible with Windows 8, there is no way to use the Tata device on this OS. To solve your USB port problem, try to reinstall the driver. To do that, swipe from the right side of the window, in the search bar type device manager and open the service with the same name. A window with the installed devices should appear. Click on the USB Massive Storage ones, and uninstall every one of them. After you did this, reboot your computer and wait for Windows to reinstall them. This should fix your problem.

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