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RSA SecurID expiry date or flat battery.

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I have been issued with an RSA SecurID dongle which has stopped working. On the back panel there is a date 11/30/14. Is this an expiry date for the dongle or is the battery simply flat?

If it is just a battery, am I able to replace it and continue using it?

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The RSA SecurID doesn't have a battery because it's a USB device that get the current from the USB port. If you have issues with the USB, then I recommend re-installing its drivers or completely re-install the product and the USB dongle. It's possible that the dongle is broken, and a replacement is necessary. Contact the company you got the dongle from and explain the situation.

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The one I have is not USB powered it is designed to hang of a key chain. It has a number which may be a model number S10700 and a date, which may be an expiry date 11/30/14.

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