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Is it possible to transfer everything from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 11 directly and with no complex steps? How to copy all my Samsung data (photos, contacts, messages, etc.
asked 1 day ago by Caroline4456 (2k points)
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Phone contacts are important — they're how we stay connected, and are a critical resource in both our personal and professional lives.
asked Aug 22 by Caroline4456 (2k points)
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Yet with Samsung’s latest phone Samsung Galaxy S10, you may want to switch away from iPhone to Samsung S10.
asked Jul 25 by Caroline4456 (2k points)
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2 Ways to Sync Data between Samsung and Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 If you were a Samsung user. Setting up a new Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 phone by migrating files from old Samsung can be a pain.
asked Jun 11 by bubblecao (140 points)
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My Samsung SWD-V100 mobile phone fails to restart after it shutdown due to low battery level.
asked Apr 24 by ChuahTC
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Does not work with N series like NU8009 - the tool ist not maintained anymore?
asked Dec 7, 2018 by Thomas about DeSTRoi - Decrypt Samsung TV Recordings
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How do I install VLC player directly to a Samsung 3D TV and will it then play 3D movies?
asked Oct 31, 2018 by q about VLC TV
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Reach 4.0 localhost server works on port 443 for RF mode and on port 7002 for IP mode. I need RF mode, but when I visit https ://locahost:443 I 'm redirected to port 7002.
asked Apr 23, 2018 about SAMSUNG LYNK REACH SW-HWRE02A-1002.5
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Hi. I've been using Smsung Galaxy S8 for 2 weeks and I want to disable the Bixby button. Is there any solution to disable Bixby button? It was at below volume button.
asked Apr 10, 2018 by duchuymobile (120 points)
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I bought a Galaxy 7 Edge online and got it with owner's info on it so I factory reset it and now it's asking for Google verification.
asked Apr 9, 2018 by Jennifer
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I was told to use Samsung Smart Switch app to transfer my content from iPhone to Galaxy Note 8. However, the process was stuck on 60% each time and the connection was broken.
asked Dec 19, 2017 by kiddnetu (120 points)
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I have Windows 10 and Samsung CLX-3175. Is this the right Smart panel version for me?
asked Nov 23, 2017 about Samsung CLP-300 Series SmartPanel
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Samsung DVR SRD1673D and SRD1653D does not connect on Smart Viewer 3.0.
asked Jul 12, 2017 by Joe about Smart Viewer
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Is it necessary to download the app to my PC? How is that possible?
asked Jun 28, 2017 by kathy cowden about Wisenet Device Manager
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What version of ScanAssistant works with MacOS version 10.12.5 (Sierra)?
asked Jun 26, 2017
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What is the purpose for People Stripe in my Galaxy S6 Edge?
asked Mar 24, 2017 by K
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Hello, I need the driver to connect the SAMSUNG Camescope VP-D21 to my PC. I cannot find the driver. Thank you!
asked Mar 5, 2017 by Francois about Samsung DVC Media
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I'm trying to find my stolen iPhone4 from a Samsung tablet.
asked Dec 2, 2016 by Immanuel Zuni about TAPI
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My phone is Samsung GT7100(not rooted). I noticed someone spying on my phone activity. Knox software is running on application manager. And I can't remove this.
asked Nov 16, 2016 by ROBIULFARHAD (140 points) about KnoX
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I just installed Windows 7 Professional, but I can't update my system. It just hangs. My Samsung SCX4521f printer can't update the drivers.
asked Nov 10, 2016 by Dirk about Windows 7 Patch