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How to use a dongle while it's not activating?

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I want to activate a dongle delivered with a PFAFF 4D Suite Free Upgrade. Unfortunately, when I try to activate it by web (recommended), an error message appears: "The connection with the server can't be found"

A number is proposed for the dongle: 1028792412 and it is possible to enter an activation code manually. This dongle must be absolutely connected to the computer before using the particular program PFAFF 4D EMBROIDERY EXTRA. With that program, it is possible to realise an embroidery with a sewing machine. My operating system is Windows XP. Can you help me to activate this dongle manually? I suppose the costumer VSM Groupe AB is out of business nowadays.

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As far as I know, dongles can be activated online or offline.

  • Online: You attach the dongle, install the software from the support media and the software starts using an online server to activate.

  • Offline: After the dongle has been installed, you use the serial number or any of the licensing information found in the CD sleeve or on your email to manually activate the software by entering a code based on a serial number.

If you receive an error with the activation mode, then it appears the server is offline and the next step is to activate it manually using the instructions on the Offline step.

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