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I have no AllShare Cast app in my Samsung S3. I don't know how to mirror my device to TV without that program using the dongle.

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I bought a dongle to connect my Samsung S3 Tommy TV but there is no AllShare Cast on my applications list and I can't connect with Allshare Play. It's very frustrating! Please help.

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AllShare Cast becomes available when you purchase the required dongle and attach it to the TV, then you need to use AllShare Play application in order to connect to the dongle. If you don't have the application, it is most likely that it was deleted. In this case it is something strange as you can't remove this application especially if your device isn't rooted. I suggest you should perform a factory reset operation to restore all the default programs. Press Menu + Power and hold these buttons for a few seconds. When you enter recovery, use the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option and reboot the device. The application will be available in the applications menu.

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Hi, this is not an app. See Settings in your S3, than (maybe) others. Here you can turn allshare cast on and off. If there is no Point others look in the Display Settings etc. If you have found the allshare cast pair your S3 with the dongle.

asked Jun 11, 2014
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AllShare Cast problem.
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Screen mirroring is the function you are looking for. Good luck

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For those of you who are confused this IS NOT AN APP. This is a feature of your Samsung phone that resides in the notification menu across the top

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, Power Saving, Sound, Sinc, Screen Mirror....

To enable it swipe down the notification screen > Find SCREEN MIRRORING > turn it on

It will look for a device to connect to. If you have the Samsung Allshare Dongle that connects to your TV it should find it. You may also connect to other devices.

asked Sep 6, 2015
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Is All Share an app or not?

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