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Latest questions about "connection"

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Our client uses your program. From today it does not work. The program cannot connect to the server. Internet is working fine. No changes have been made to the computer.
asked Oct 6 by Dianella about Microflex MNX18.0.28.0
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When I update, it says "Your version of TeamViewer is up-to-date. There is no new version of TeamViewer. It repetitively then says "Your partner uses a newer version .
asked Feb 7 by Renee about TeamViewer
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Just trying to connect my Suunto Ambit2 to my iPad. My watch is a few years old and does not have Bluetooth to pair with the iPad. Is there any other way I can do it, please?
asked Nov 4, 2016 by Sharry
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I am seeing connected in mobile, but not able to open on browser and surf the pages.
asked Apr 1, 2016 by swaminathan about REALTEK 11n USB Wireless LAN Driver and Utility
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What does it mean when it says "Ignoring unsupported device" in the SSH window?
asked Jan 21, 2016
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I bought a new Wanscam P2P IP webcam. It's working correctly on PC and smartphone WiFi also on my ISP connected smartphone.
asked Dec 16, 2015 by Guest #40475910 (120 points) about P2PIPC
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How to connect Business Assist Pro to database? Which platform should be used to design it?
asked Jun 19, 2015 about Business Assist Professional
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I receive the following error: Server communication problem: java.rmi. unknown host exception: unknown host: COMMATECH-EMS; nested excpetion is: java.
asked Jan 18, 2015 by vishwas
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My Ares Vista will not connect to the computer. I purchased this product 5 years ago and would like to receive my activation code to try to get this to connect again.
asked Dec 24, 2014
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Ever since I did the last update (16/11/14) to my iPhone on NVSIP, I am always having difficulty logging on. How can I address this important issue?
asked Nov 21, 2014 by Paul B
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Whenever I connect my phone to my laptop, it connects properly and all my phone's content is perfectly shown (including WhatsApp photos).
asked Nov 13, 2014 by
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When I set up this application with my PX888K device, I get the following message,"Check Connection". What can I do about this? This application works on my other two PX888Ks.
asked Aug 15, 2014 about PX888 UV
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VoipConnect is not connecting. And if it's connected then there is no voice. I am facing this problem since many days. Is there any solution?
asked Jul 29, 2014 about VoipConnect
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I can contact my IPCAM if I'm on the same WiFi, otherwise if try to contact while I'm away from home, 99% I receive an "Error in username and password" message.
asked Jul 24, 2014 about P2PCamWin
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I have a Xperia M mobile and I can't open Google Play Store because every time I try, shows Can't establish a reliable network connection.
asked Jul 21, 2014
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My printer Canon MG5400 is not printing. All wires are connected. What is the problem?
asked Jul 8, 2014 by DeAndrea D. Jones (120 points)
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I want to make a connection to the COMSES server. I have the application. Can you offer some help?
asked Jul 2, 2014
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Can I use a CDMA SIM card in my 3G Dongle?
asked Jun 27, 2014
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1 answer 98 views
How to connect a Sony Ericsson MBW 150 watch to Xperia E C1505?
asked Jun 16, 2014