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Latest questions about "windows xp"

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I have Windows XP. I have downloaded Bluestacks several times but when I'm trying to install it, it shows me an error. It does not run. What can I do?
asked Jul 12, 2013 by sophia 2 (120 points) about BlueStacks
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I receive an error while trying to scan for a wireless network. I have a Dell wireless mini 1397 card installed in a Dell Dell Inspiron 1545 running on Windows xp.
asked Jul 11, 2013 by asd-abd (120 points)
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Is Lawson Add-ins for Microsoft Office on Windows XP compatible with Windows 7? If not, is there a piece of software/directions available for the conversion?
asked Jul 10, 2013 about Lawson Add-ins for Microsoft® Office
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I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000. When I connect it to my PC (Windows XP or Windows 7) it shows that it's recharging but the USB Storage is not detected.
asked Jun 28, 2013 by zahidsyed (130 points)
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I had Windows XP installed on my PC and one of the upgrades crashed the system. I ended up getting Windows 7 installed.
asked Jun 25, 2013 about Microsoft Office Outlook
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I have a problem on my computer, I can't delete or install something on it while I am using an Administrator user. What can I do? Are there any programs that can forbid file deletion and saving?
asked Jun 18, 2013
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I have a Dell laptop Latitude D610 running Windows XP.
asked Jun 7, 2013 about PCDJ FX
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I am having difficulty executing the software in Windows 7 even in XP compatibility mode. What needs to be done to execute it under Window 7?
asked Jun 3, 2013
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Do Epson XP 202, 203 and 206 series support Windows XP?
asked Jun 2, 2013
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My Windows XP says that it is validated but when I update the PC drivers through Microsoft Updater it says: "Your product is not validated".
asked May 19, 2013 by jagannath rout (170 points)
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This program is not installing in Windows XP or Windows 7 no matter what I do. Says it's unable to create a project directory.
asked May 17, 2013
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When I insert it into my computer it has a blinking light, but I can't read the files.
asked May 10, 2013
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I have the version 3.5.11 installed on my Windows XP computer. We are upgrading to Windows 7 and I can't find our disk to install it to my new desktop.
asked May 9, 2013 about Image Library Offline
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I am trying to download PACTware version 3.6 but during the installation, I get error 1327. Invalid drive H:. I am using Windows XP and it does not state in the forum that it supports XP.
asked May 9, 2013
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I have lost 150 GB of data when I re-installed Windows XP. How can I recover formatted data?
asked Apr 23, 2013 by raju 5 (130 points)
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Hello, for several years I've played Emperor's Mahjong 1.1. I own the original CD with the game and I play the game on a laptop with Windows XP.
asked Mar 25, 2013 about The Emperor's Mahjong
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I've bought Photo Art Master Silver Edition. Does it run on Windows 7? Does it run better on Windows XP? Thanks, Franky Chetcuti
asked Mar 25, 2013
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I have successfully installed the Bluestacks application player on my PC (Windows XP Service Pack 3), but it's not loading.
asked Mar 9, 2013 about BlueStacks
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From where can I download Windows certificate for Windows XP?
asked Feb 26, 2013
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Which driver is required to connect Micromax A110 with PC working with Windows XP?
asked Feb 18, 2013