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Hi, I got a new CPAP device from ResMed: AirSense 10 Autoset. I collected the data from my old CPAP ResMed S9 over the last four years via SleepyHead v0.
asked Oct 5 by Dietmar about Sleepyhead
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Where can I find Microsoft shared components history? My outlook email address has been hijacked and I need to find the device attached to my account
asked Apr 30, 2019 by Amy about Microsoft Office Shared Components
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I have an Android phone that is about 18 months old. I can't add a photo. I touch me and don't get the options described to add a photo. Is is likely that my operating system is too old?
asked Jul 29, 2015 about WeChat
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How do I see what devices my Snapchat has been on considering I've been hacked?
asked Dec 24, 2014 about Snapchat
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How do I set the navigation path?
asked Nov 18, 2013
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How can I obtain Epson software for my device?
asked Aug 2, 2013
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Maybe about 6 days ago my BlueStacks crashed while I was on Instagram.
asked Jul 25, 2013 about BlueStacks
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I need Camera Assistant for a Gateway NV79 device. Where can I get it?
asked Jul 21, 2013 about Camera Assistant Software for Gateway
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I have Windows XP. I have downloaded Bluestacks several times but when I'm trying to install it, it shows me an error. It does not run. What can I do?
asked Jul 12, 2013 by sophia 2 (120 points) about BlueStacks
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The chip will not update in the unit as it says that too many ports have been loaded. If I upgrade to Windows 7, will it solve the issue?
asked Jun 27, 2013 about RigExpert Plus
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I was wondering if the version 7.5 of Veriadmin will work on older hardware?
asked Jun 27, 2013 about VeriAdmin
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I have Alps Pointing-device installed in my Sony VAIO. What does it do?
asked Jun 26, 2013 about Alps Pointing-device for VAIO
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I have installed Whatsapp through Bluestacks on my laptop. I have also installed Dropbox for both Bluestacks and laptop separately.
asked Jun 7, 2013 about BlueStacks
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Where can I get Kies Agent?
asked Apr 19, 2013 about Kies
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What is this attached to my computer without my knowledge? Will it harm my computer in any way? What does it do and why is it on my computer in the first place?
asked Apr 12, 2013
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Can anyone recommend a simple way of encrypting a ringtone, making it device specific and so impossible to forward? Thanks!
asked Feb 21, 2013
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I have a laboratory device and this device has an output port for connecting to a printer. Can I install the device output port to the RS232 port on my PC & export the data to Excel?
asked Jan 27, 2013 by mah (120 points)
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I can't run WD Management. What should I do?
asked Jan 8, 2013 by Michael Wells (130 points) about WD RAID Manager
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My Dell Webcam Central is not working and keeps telling me to plug in a supported device but it is a built-in webcam.
asked Jan 7, 2013