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Latest questions about "windows xp"

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I bought Voyetra Music Write Plus several years ago and my computer crashed. Now I have a Windows XP PC. How can I install it on the current computer?
asked May 9, 2014 about Voyetra Music Write Plus
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I was a Windows XP user and I recently upgraded my PC to Windows 7 and reinstalled Fusion Proprietary Viewer but when I try to save my video and export it I am always getting an error.
asked May 9, 2014
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I have an old computer running Windows XP and a new computer running Windows 8.1 Will this migration utility still work between my old and new computers?
asked May 4, 2014 about PC Relocator Ultra Control
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I purchased Colonial Williamsburg Screen Saver and I am unable to install it on Windows XP. I need help.
asked May 4, 2014 about AzureBay Screen Saver
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I have bought a copy of Viewing Booth 2.0 for Windows XP, but now I changed my computer and I need to buy another one because I have lost mine.
asked Apr 30, 2014
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Running Lotus 123 9.5 on XP. I can't open .BAK files.
asked Apr 28, 2014 by John Cook 1 (120 points)
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How can I forward my incoming calls on Lowrate VoIP to a mobile number and how can I receive incoming calls on Lowrate VoIP?
asked Apr 27, 2014
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I have been using Click'n Design but after a reinstalled Windows XP I could not find the disc. I have over a hundred files that I can't access.
asked Apr 26, 2014 by Robert Bosley (120 points) about Click'N Design
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From where can I obtain Asymetrix WebPublisher software for Windows XP?
asked Apr 26, 2014 about Asymetrix WebPublisher
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My software is only for Windows XP, I installed Windows 8.1, now I cannot open the database. Can you help?
asked Apr 20, 2014
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1 answer 142 views
Is CD-Label compatible with Windows 7? I use the software on Windows XP Pro, but I want to upgrade the OS.
asked Apr 19, 2014 about CD-Label
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1 answer 63 views
Is there an update of this software that can works in Windows 7?
asked Apr 18, 2014 about Vericard
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We have Vignette Business Integration Studio on a old Windows XP computer and we use it to convert Oracle R12 data format to Hyperion Financial Management data format, changing the 000 to none.
asked Apr 18, 2014 about Vignette® Business Integration Studio
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1 answer 115 views
I have an Asus X201E with Windows 8 32-bit. My PLC Programming Automation is not compatible with Windows 8, but it supports Windows XP. What can I do?
asked Apr 18, 2014 by Smarttech (140 points)
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I installed AlfaLocker on my PC, after some days I tried to open my locked file but I could not.
asked Apr 16, 2014
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1 answer 146 views
Can I transfer my files from Windows XP to Windows 7?
asked Apr 15, 2014
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1 answer 205 views
Cannot get my printer to install. It keeps saying I need Windows XP or higher or 7. I have Windows 8.
asked Apr 14, 2014
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2 answers 153 views
I have followed everyone's step. I placed a password on, and now I cannot remember it. I cannot log into it. When I enter Safe Mode, it gives me the password start up again, not the admin box.
asked Apr 14, 2014
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2 answers 152 views
We want to install the Wonderware application from Windows XP to Windows 7 and we are facing problems with Modicon MODBUS Serial IO Server 7.
asked Apr 14, 2014
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1 answer 511 views
Where can I find the driver or the driver link for WEP HQ 1070+DX device?
asked Apr 10, 2014 about WeP HQ 1070+DX