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Latest questions about "databases and tools"

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The Edirite v2.1 is 32bit only and cannot be installed on Windows 64bit. Please let me know from where I can download the 64bit version.
asked 4 days ago about EdiRite
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What should I do when my system has no compatibility to expand the system memory to run MEGA?. I am using Windows 10 and it shows that the system has no compatibility for running the program.
asked Oct 9 about MEGA
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Does OHMS/Win (Omron Health Management Software) run with current (2017) Omron USB Blood Pressure Meters such as M400IT, M500IT, M6 Comfort?
asked Sep 9 by beki about Omron Health Management Software
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Does this software have the capability of doing the following: asset/equipment manager, work order capability, preventative maintenance scheduling and reports?
asked Aug 26 by Jim about Maintenance Assistant
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Does it convert CSV to ABA file formats?
asked Aug 7 about Advanced CSV Converter
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How can I access the Visual Anthropac manual(s)?
asked Jun 12 about Visual Anthropac
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I am using DX-Fusion (to export data from Tally.ERP 9 to SQL Server). In Tally, DX-Fusion process completes successfully, but the database isn't creating in SQL Server.
asked Jun 8 by ved 3 (120 points)
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Can PL/SQL Developer generate flowchart from the pl/sql source code for documentation?
asked Jun 8 about PL/SQL Developer
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I have a report with some details section. When I try to suppress section (section expert/suppress: if <database.
asked Apr 21 by ilya about Crystal Reports
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Can you provide more details as to what specific type of software SQLDBXPRO is? I need to know if it is software maintenance and support or if it is an on-premise perpetual license with maintenance.
asked Apr 9
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Is it possible to download attendance data to computer in Excel format, edit and upload the same to machine in eTimetracklite?
asked Apr 6 by anon about eTimeTrackLite
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What work item databases does this support? Does it support JIRA?
asked Apr 5 by Chris Howell about Bugger 2015
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How to register Ped Builder? My copy imported my CompuPed DB fine but a message comes up saying I need to register it before I can add new dogs.
asked Mar 30 by BDZ about PedBuilder
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I lost my user name and password and can not access my notes. It is critical that you direct me as to how to get into my program for notes.
asked Mar 26 by Bridgit O'Sullivan about Confidant
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Is there a 64bit release for version 9.0?
asked Mar 24 by dhanabalan.r about eTimeTrackLite
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1 answer 46 views
Is this tool still available? Is this just a trial version? Can a new license be purchased for the full use of the product? The company that developed it went out of business.
asked Mar 10 by NL about DBDiff for Oracle
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How and where do I order the Cdrom and is it available for Windows 10?
asked Mar 9 about ARC500 for GRE PSR500 and PSR600
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Is there a way to create a schedule form that shows multiple dates and times?
asked Mar 7 by Lauren Lundgren about Lotus Approach
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My name is Ashton Lopez and I'm a student at ROC Mondriaan. I need to build a test environment with Historian and Windows. Is there any limitation to GE Hstorian?
asked Feb 28 about GE Historian
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Has Confidant Mental Health Practice Management & Billing software been update to reflect the DSM V?
asked Feb 24 about Confidant