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Latest questions about "windows xp"

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I'm trying to open a .catpart file that my client sent. Is there a program I can download on the Internet compatible with XP Professional?
asked Aug 31, 2012
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We are getting a low virtual memory notice. What should we do with our Windows XP system to solve this?
asked Aug 12, 2012
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I have used Recording Session for a long time with Windows 98 and Windows XP. Now, I have changed my computer and it runs Windows 7. The software is incompatible.
asked Jul 16, 2012 by Chayo (120 points) about Recording Session
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My Windows Media Player doesn't have a rip function; if I want to rip music from CD to my library I cannot do it.
asked Jul 5, 2012 by Guest #24483528 (120 points) about Windows Media Player
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When I click on Search, it does nothing but utilizing all of my CPU resources according to Windows XP Task Manager. I have disabled my antivirus firewall.
asked Jun 21, 2012 about GolfLogix Course Manager
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Where can I get SP1 and SP2 for XP Pro?
asked Jun 19, 2012 by Guest #24372531 (130 points)
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I installed NVClient and when I try to access the DVR from my office the images do not appear. I use windows XP. What can I do?
asked Jun 14, 2012 by Allan 2 (120 points) about NVClient
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Can I use this software to sync by BlackBerry Bold 9700 with Thunderbird? I have a Windows XP Pro computer.
asked Jun 8, 2012 by Dick Hampikian (120 points) about Mobile Master
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How can I install windows XP from pen drive?
asked Mar 21, 2012
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Is Internet Explorer 9 compatible with Windows XP?
asked Mar 2, 2012 by Guest #23368529 (120 points)
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I have a Dell Computer with Windows XP 2002 service pack and a Cannon MF 4450 printer. I have some return address labels I want to print. I have Microsoft Works.
asked Feb 24, 2012 by Patricia Sunders (120 points)
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I have installed a local network AdTallerWin, with two teams. One is in Windows XP, and the other in Windows 7. The problem is, it does not sync well.
asked Jan 30, 2012 by Birits (120 points) about ADTallerWin-ATM
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I have Midisoft Studio, Version 4.0, that is a very good program, but it does not work with Windows XP. And all my files were saved in SNG format, a format that other programs don't open.
asked Dec 10, 2011 by dmitrievnikita13 (120 points) about Midisoft® Studio for Windows
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I just tried to install the SigMaChip Camera Driver and I received a warning telling me that it is incompatible and may damage my system. Is it safe to use?
asked Dec 7, 2011 by Sharon Zapotocky (120 points) about SigMaChip Camera Driver
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I have Windows XP 32-bit with Intel Core Duo 2 and 512MB Video Card. When I launch the game, I got a black screen. What can I do?
asked Oct 18, 2011 about Mu
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I have a disc with PX1 CD Writer which works well with Windows 98 SE. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for Windows XP. Where can I find a compatible version?
asked Sep 7, 2011 by Colin Spraggs (120 points) about Roxio, Inc. Easy CD and DVD Creator
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I have a 5 year old computer with Windows XP as operating system and the software works without issues.
asked Aug 31, 2011 by Ruth Houston (120 points) about Stitch 2000 Pro
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I have to download Tata Photon Whiz for Windows XP. I can't find it on the home page. Where can I download it?
asked Aug 30, 2011 by vishalbandre (120 points) about Tata Photon Whiz