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Latest questions about "windows xp"

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How to set Free Download Manager as a default downloader in Windows XP?
asked Aug 14, 2011 about Free Download Manager
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Where can I download the Dell Vostro 1015 drivers for Windows XP?
asked Jul 31, 2011 about Dell WLAN and Bluetooth Client Installation
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I have an HP Mini 1120 laptop and I want to download HP MIE Restore Image Creator for Windows XP. Can you help?
asked Jul 30, 2011 by tufan (120 points) about HP MIE Restore Image Creator
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What are the new features and how does it work? What are the changes?
asked Jul 28, 2011 about Update for Windows XP
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Why is the sound in my laptop not working? I have Windows XP installed and no sound. What driver do I need for the sound to work for a Compaq F761XX?
asked Jul 10, 2011 about Conexant HD Audio
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I need Amtel PC4000 version 7.4 software for my Windows XP, 3GB RAM computer. Can you help?
asked Jul 3, 2011 by Leonel Hernandez (120 points) about PC4000
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I'm trying to install Outside Plant Construction Management v14.0 on my Windows XP computer, but it freezes at "Removing old files" screen. What can I do?
asked Jun 15, 2011 about Outside Plant Construction Management
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I can't run the CreataCard Plus software on my new Windows 7 64-bit computer. It worked well on my old Windows XP PC. What can I do?
asked Jun 13, 2011 by Bill Evans (120 points) about CreataCard Plus
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I have this program installed in my computer but I don't know when and how to use it?
asked May 31, 2011 about SigmaTel Audio
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I cannot found my locked file/folder after re-installation of Windows XP SP2 by using the same password. How can I recover my file? My file should be on (F:) drive.
asked Apr 25, 2011 about instant Lock
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I need an update or patch to enable this software to run its payroll (Crystal reports). It worked fine with Windows XP, but there are errors with Windows 7.
asked Apr 4, 2011 about Accurate Time Clock
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On my Windows XP SP3 computer, the preview does not work for all .mp3 files. I checked my .mp3 files and they appear to have the same codec. What can I do?
asked Apr 4, 2011 by ivoermejo (120 points) about WinRefine
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Where can I download the latest version of Help and Support Center? I have a HP Pavilion zv5000 computer with Windows XP.
asked Mar 7, 2011 about HP Help and Support
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For some reason, on my computer, RPG Maker 2000 behaves as if some of the directional keys (specifically Up and Right) were always pressed (eg.
asked Feb 2, 2011 about RPG Maker
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1 answer 147 views
I have many images and I want to print 4-6-8 photo on every A4 page with the name of file under every image. I have PhotoPrinter and Windows XP and Windows 7.
asked Jan 28, 2011 by Pmorgese (120 points) about PhotoPrinter
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1 answer 89 views
I'm trying to run Reuters News Suite Server 3.1 on a Windows XP PC. I have used the program before, but this is a newer computer.
asked Jan 20, 2011 by Steve Dykes (120 points) about Reuters News Suite Server
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1 answer 91 views
I have a problem with my I-O DATA GV-MVP/RZ3 device.
asked Jan 13, 2011 by Solares (120 points) about Windows ドライバ パッケ・[ジ - I-O DATA DEVICE,INC. GV-MVP/RZ3
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What is this application? When I installed Windows XP on my laptop, I installed also the motherboard drivers. Then, when I checked the newly installed applications I found this program.
asked Jan 8, 2011 by khuraw (180 points) about Numedia CD-DVD writing as non-admin user
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I'm receiving a CDloader error each time I turn on my computer. I'm running Windows XP Home Edition. This is the first problem in two and a half years.
asked Jan 5, 2011 about magicJack
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We purchased an EKG monitor and we received also the Keep-it-Easy software (version 3.7.2) for uploading the results. We are unable to run the program.
asked Dec 26, 2010 by John Vinatieri (120 points) about Keep-it-Easy System