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Nowadays, WeChat has become one of the most daily-used apps on your iPhone. There should be a lot of chat history that you have sent or received via WeChat on your device.
asked Sep 5, 2019 by Caroline4456 (2.6k points)
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I am using Samsung GT-i8262 Android 4.1.2. But I cant install WeChat. Any suggestions please? Thank you
asked Feb 21, 2018 by Idongesit about WeChat
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Some unscrupulous type used my phone to add their WeChat by WeChat ID, after which I realized she just wanted money. I now can't see the request anywhere In WeChat to be able to retract that request.
asked Dec 14, 2017 by Falcon
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Is there a maximum character length for a WeChat text message?
asked Oct 9, 2017 by David Kenny about WeChat
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Can I get rid of the ID, or can they search me by name if they want to find me here?
asked Mar 23, 2017 by Barrie Stander about WeChat
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I have WeChat version installed on my PC. On my mobile device I have a function called "discover/moments". I cannot find that path on my PC.
asked Jan 9, 2017 about WeChat
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I want to leave some text to someone, then I'll delete my account. Will they receive my text? Or the text will be missing?
asked Aug 12, 2016 by guest about WeChat
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When I open my old moments, I can only see partial of the text. How to read the whole text of my old moments?
asked Jul 11, 2016 about WeChat
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How can I remotely read Wechat messages on my kid's Android mobile phone?
asked Apr 15, 2016 by km870219 (120 points) about WeChat
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1 answer 367 views
If I deleted a WeChat contact, is it possible that it appears in my WeChat contact list again?
asked Mar 24, 2016 about WeChat
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1 answer 351 views
I observed that if I tap on a WeChat image in the list of People Nearby the images are automatically copied to my gallery. How do I stop this happening?
asked Mar 1, 2016 by Peter about WeChat
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1 answer 241 views
I'm using this feature and I'd like to know what's the purpose of this (I see many married people with kids!) and if it can be activated only if I open the WeChat app?
asked Feb 28, 2016 by gbisson about WeChat
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1 answer 548 views
I need to print an image sent to me in WeChat. How can I do this?
asked Jan 20, 2016 by JM about WeChat
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1 answer 122 views
Friend and I both have WeChat installed. However, when we add each other, WeChat says that we have not joined WeChat, respectively. It's as if WeChat can't see our phone numbers for each other.
asked Dec 23, 2015 about WeChat
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1 answer 375 views
Can you send greetings cards with WeChat?
asked Dec 21, 2015 about WeChat
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1 answer 344 views
My WeChat version is 6.3.5 and this version does not have any backup icon for me. How can I recover my chat history back?
asked Nov 30, 2015 by terrance about WeChat
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1 answer 267 views
I am helping my community to send out a message via Wechat. I have an WeChat account under my own name, and I have created a EU Group Chat for the Community issue.
asked Sep 24, 2015 by Rach K about WeChat
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1 answer 233 views
I can't back up the chat history on the WeChat server for 7 days as I don't see the restore and backup buttons on my iPhone 6.
asked Sep 12, 2015 by M about WeChat
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1 answer 3.2k views
I would like to ask you what does 'Recommended friend' in WeChat? Did a person send me a friend invite or WeChat recommended suggestions of friends?
asked Aug 17, 2015 by suga about WeChat
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1 answer 237 views
I have an Android phone that is about 18 months old. I can't add a photo. I touch me and don't get the options described to add a photo. Is is likely that my operating system is too old?
asked Jul 29, 2015 about WeChat