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To thoroughly clear iPhone data, you need the best iPhone data eraser software and here are the recommendations. Check it out! Top 1. PanFone iOS Eraser Free Top 2.
asked May 28, 2019 by Caroline4456 (2.6k points)
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Photo cache will continue to stay in the cache folder even after you have deleted photos from your iPhone and take space in your device.
asked May 10, 2019 by Caroline4456 (2.6k points)
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Yes, you can use iTunes to delete photo cache. But I would like to recommend another iOS eraser tool - PanPhone.
asked Apr 30, 2019 by Caroline4456 (2.6k points)
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I have not downloaded Informer. What does it do and how would it be on my iPhone?
asked Jan 3, 2018
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Please, can you tell me if an update to Sec24 is available to allow it to work with iOS11 on iPhone?
asked Nov 10, 2017 by Karen about Sec24_Security_System_EN
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How to sync my contacts on my iPhone 5S to Plantronic Legend Bluetooth?
asked Mar 28, 2017 by Mary Davis
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My son has a Macbook. For school he needs to work with a program that needs SimBrowser. Can we use this in iOS?
asked Jan 16, 2017 by Marina about SimBrowser
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I have first installed for free on my iPad the Voice Record Pro 3.1.4 (build 314 Running on iOS 10.1.1) and then upgraded it (paying for it 3,99 Euro).
asked Dec 11, 2016
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What apps should I install to access IETP on my iPad? Please help us so that I can view now the manual through this device.
asked Oct 27, 2016
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My Schwinn app won't play my songs anymore since I updated my iPhone. I'm freaking out because I have a class to teach tomorrow. They all say DRM now.
asked Oct 4, 2016 by kerry
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How can I block Facebook on my son's iPad Air 2?
asked Sep 23, 2016 by Watt (120 points)
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Are there any astrology apps for iPad?
asked Sep 16, 2016 by Anne about Astrolog
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I can't recover my password.
asked Aug 17, 2016
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I have an iPhone 5S and I occasionally look under diagnostic and usage data and noticed that my phone has been syncing with another device through TalkMail and I looked it up to see what all it did...
asked Aug 10, 2016
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Been a fan for many, many years on the Windows platform. Is it/will it be available as an iOS or Android app?
asked Jul 21, 2016 about EasyBridge
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How can I remove a spy app on my iPhone 5s? I just suspect that my ex is spying on me. He knows everything I have done.
asked Jul 1, 2016 by rubyshine029 (140 points)
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When I turn on the Personal Running Trainer app on iPhone 6+, I cannot hear the coach on the newly released version of the app. But using the old one I heard the 5 minute warmup and cooldown, etc.
asked Jun 5, 2016 by Linda Scroggs
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My recordings are not syncing in Speakeasy Connect. Anyone who can solve this problem?
asked Apr 20, 2016 about SpeakEasy Connect
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Is it possible to track a lost iPhone?
asked Apr 7, 2016 by jennybaba50 (120 points)
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I am using an iPhone (9.3.1) and can't see anybody typing a response (messages still come though). Went through settings but did not find a solution.
asked Apr 3, 2016 about Viber Messenger