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Latest questions about "iphone 6"

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How can I get a phone I just bought unblacklisted?
asked Apr 20, 2018
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1 answer 347 views
When I turn on the Personal Running Trainer app on iPhone 6+, I cannot hear the coach on the newly released version of the app. But using the old one I heard the 5 minute warmup and cooldown, etc.
asked Jun 5, 2016 by Linda Scroggs
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1 answer 276 views
It makes/answers calls. Does not alert when text msg comes in.
asked Jan 26, 2016 by Gale
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6 answers 415 views
I got jailbreaking iPhone 6 with iOS 9. Silly me, I haven't backed up my iPhone before jailbreaking. So it is impossible to restore from iCloud or iTunes.
asked Nov 10, 2015 by Elena123 (120 points)
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4 answers 112 views
I have iPhone 6 and Windows 10 operating system.
asked Oct 15, 2015 by Katherine1212 (380 points)
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4 answers 287 views
I have an iPhone 6, but it seems that my iPhone isn't being recognized by iTunes, and I need to transfer music from iPhone to my computer.
asked Oct 10, 2015 by Katherine1212 (380 points) about iTunes
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1 answer 274 views
I want to upgrade my mother's iPhone 4s and my iPhone 6 to the latest iOS 9 system, but I am afraid that I will lost my data from iPhone after iOS upgrade.
asked Sep 24, 2015 by juddy (160 points)
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2 answers 153 views
Want to find the iTunes backup file of my iPhone 6 and view the details of contents, but failed.
asked Sep 22, 2015 by Caroline4456 (2.6k points)
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3 answers 151 views
I know I can restore my old iPhone from iTunes/iCloud backup to the new iPhone 6s. But it is a little tricky for me. I had to search on the Internet to find a more simple way.
asked Sep 16, 2015 by Caroline4456 (2.6k points)
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1 answer 234 views
I can't back up the chat history on the WeChat server for 7 days as I don't see the restore and backup buttons on my iPhone 6.
asked Sep 12, 2015 by M about WeChat
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1 answer 310 views
When I want to setup my Viber on my iPhone 6 it shows an error that says "Invalid number". Every number that I put is an invalid number. What should I do?
asked Jul 16, 2015 by tafo about Viber Messenger
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1 answer 80 views
Can a Toshiba Media Server be remotely controlled from an iPhone 6?
asked May 10, 2015
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1 answer 161 views
I deleted IMO app from iPhone 6 and re-installed it, but I can't type my number. It's showing loading and that's it. What should be done?
asked Apr 12, 2015
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1 answer 114 views
When I type in the IP address on the iPhone 6 browser I do get the entry menu. I can enter the web site but the language is Chinese and I do not see any link to change it.
asked Nov 12, 2014 by RFK about NetSurveillance
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