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WeChat images copied on Samsung S5 Galaxy gallery.

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I observed that if I tap on a WeChat image in the list of People Nearby the images are automatically copied to my gallery. How do I stop this happening? I also found that if I delete the image from Gallery it is probably embedded somewhere on my phone because when I back up images on my laptop the WeChat images appear even though I have deleted them from my Gallery. How do I stop this?

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If you have a file management app, then I recommend you access it and browse the internal storage. WeChat (just like any app of this kind) keeps the images and every other media file received or sent in folders based on file type. Go to internal storage and look for the WeChat folder. Tap on it, and you will see other folders arranged based on their type. Locate the image folder and delete the files from there. When you tap that option, WeChat copies the already stored files in the Gallery's folder (eg. DCIM or Pictures).

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