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Question about the WeChat ID.

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Can I get rid of the ID, or can they search me by name if they want to find me here?

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The developers of WeChat allow you to delete your account, but certain requirements have to be met before this -action. I recommend you check the below website to see exactly how to properly delete your account, then no one can follow or find you or you can create something different while using another phone number.

  • Delete account: Me -> Settings -> Account Security -> Delete Account.

Here are the requirements posted on the website below:

  1. Your registration region is outside China
  2. You are using WeChat version 6.3.10 or greater
  3. You're deleting your account on a frequently used device
  4. You've already set a WeChat password
  5. You haven't reset your WeChat password within 24 hours
  6. You have fewer than 10 failed password attempts on the same day when you request account deletion
  7. You've canceled WeChat Pay if it was previously activated

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