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Invite/Add contacts.

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I am helping my community to send out a message via Wechat. I have an WeChat account under my own name, and I have created a EU Group Chat for the Community issue. I have about 700 telephone recipients in an Excel File, saved under the Gmail drive. Is there a way to automatically transfer and add all these 700 numbers in the EU Group Chat (not via my personal account), without manually entering 700 numbers in my phone contacts, and then inviting them via my personal Wechat account?

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The only way to add those contacts is through Gmail. Export the file to CSV, and then access Google Contacts. In Google Contacts, create a new category, and import the CSV file. Sync the phone or device with the account and then use WeChat to invite all the people from that category. It might take some time, but it's the fastest way to do this and it works.

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