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Latest questions about "si client"

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How do I download MDL Estimator Software? Do I need to first have a Software Informer account and download the Software Informer client?
asked Jun 13, 2015
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I would like to know: Where might SI be looking to find traces of version 35? Why can't it detect my completely up-to-date 39?
asked Dec 4, 2014 by Guest #25514533 (120 points)
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I receive error when clicking on "Check for updates".
asked Oct 22, 2014 by Michael Ridgway (120 points) about Software Informer
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Software Informer does not work right. I get an error message that "the program has encountered a problem".
asked Oct 20, 2014 by WalterCrawford (160 points) about Software Informer
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After uninstalling "Search Protect" Software Informer erroneously says "Windows Live" uninstalled instead of "Search Protect" uninstalled! Has anyone else experienced this behavior?
asked Oct 7, 2014 by Rudolf Spielbauer (120 points) about Windows Live
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I have tried to download ASML Generic Trace Viewer several times. I got the Software Informer client. How do I get GTV?
asked May 17, 2014
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Is there any Software Informer version for Ubuntu? I am using Ubuntu 12.04.
asked Jan 14, 2014 by kolappan (14.7k points) about Software Informer
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When I download Software-Informer (Free), at the end of installation I receive "This program does not support the version of Windows your computer is running".
asked Jan 12, 2014 by Guest #16448515 (120 points)
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Is there anyway to manage the Software Informer launcher (shortcut to programs)? I'm missing several software applications and I'd like to add them.
asked Nov 6, 2013
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Doing an install of Windows 8 64bit and have downloaded siinst on 2nd computer. How do I use it on the computer I am installing Windows 8?
asked Sep 24, 2013
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1 answer 106 views
How do I know when a new software has been installed on the client systems from the client server system where Software Informer is installed?
asked Aug 3, 2013
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I've recently downloaded the Secunia Personal Software Inspector. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Edition, with 8GB Memory, I have a 1 TB hard drive.
asked Apr 24, 2013 by Todd Reese (120 points) about SI Client
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I can't download Software Informer's client located at the following address: It says that it's not available.
asked Apr 7, 2013 about Software Informer
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I have 30 updates to complete. If I choose not to update, how can I remove the notifications (30 are not up to date) beside the programs installed under Software Informer?
asked Mar 25, 2013 by Guest #26445574 (130 points)
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2 answers 346 views
When I've updated the software, why does the program name stay highlighted?
asked Mar 23, 2013 by Carol Wyatt (130 points)
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Why are there no recommendations on my list when I have 73 programs installed? I am getting a message that says: "Not enough data to generate recommendations.
asked Mar 4, 2013 by Keith Kerr (120 points) about SI Client
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1 answer 188 views
Why does S.I. misidentify programs? Why can't SI differentiate between programs like Hexagon 2.5 and Hexagon 5.29? The first is a 3D modeling program and the second is a game.
asked Feb 27, 2013 by Dave Simmons (120 points) about Hexagon by Daz3D
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2 answers 235 views
I've installed Software Informer Client and it shows the software installed on my computer. But I can't find my program "esCalc" on the list.
asked Feb 27, 2013 by Jessica 5 (130 points) about Software Informer
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In 2009 I started this account and had installed it on my Dell laptop (Windows XP) which I still use. I found you, guys, again and I installed SI Client on my Toshiba Netbook (Windows 7).
asked Feb 17, 2013 by motherbear4 (150 points) about Software Informer