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Latest questions about "linux"

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I currently use Linux and so can't use EasyWeather - do you plan to release a Linux version? Alternatively do you plan on releasing something cross platform in Java for example?
asked May 13 by Peter about EasyWeather
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Can WiFi Speaker run on Linux? It would be nice if it ran Linux Ubuntu or Mint for laptops and Debian for Raspberry Pi.
asked Jul 19, 2018 by Konrad about WiFi Speaker
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How to open .ete files in Linux?
asked Feb 12, 2018
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Does Email Scrabble .Net work on Linux machines?
asked May 9, 2017 by Micky about Email Scrabble .Net
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Is there a Linux version of Combine ZP for Linux?
asked Jan 20, 2017 by Bob Pede about CombineZP
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I need to buy Encoding and decoding tools and libraries ASN.1, the company name is Nokalva OSS, the hardware platform is X86, the operating system is Linux 64 bit.
asked Aug 26, 2016 by wuzh (120 points)
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I can't configure Bluetooth in my HP Pavilion 14r with Scientific Linux 7.2. Do you have a way to get this driver working?
asked Jun 28, 2016 by Armando Marques Sobrinho
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I need to support the DWR-910 on a non-Windows/non-Linux plaform and the entry for 2001:a40d is not in the current database (1/201).
asked May 19, 2016 by jay about D-Link DWR-910
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Can Neual Lab 3.1 be installed with Linux or Mac OS X?
asked Feb 12, 2016
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Currently we are using Cloverleaf integration 6.0 version (on Linux server) and have questions on Cloverleaf 6.1 release: What are the new features available in 6.
asked Jan 19, 2016 by Lohith about Infor Cloverleaf Integration Services
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At one time I subscribed to PDAnet with my Windows operating system. Then when I switched to Linux found out I couldn't use it any more. Will it work now on my Linux machine?
asked Dec 31, 2015 by David D Keefer about PdaNet
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I have HomeBank 4.4 on Linux-Mint-Maya-13. All reviews claim simplicity in set up, but I have not found that to so. Any clues on tutorials or YouTube videos that might be of some help?
asked Aug 5, 2015
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I see no references to the Linux Ubuntu Studio OS, but that is where I got it. So, it must work there, correct?
asked Jul 20, 2015
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I've purchased a new HP G3 250. I had RT3290 wireless card. I have done everything to install driver, but I couldn't. Can you help me install driver for this on UBUNTU not on Windows?
asked Jul 16, 2015 by shahbaz ahmed about Ralink 3290SUBSYS18EC103C WiFi Adapter
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What kinds of question can I ask here?
asked Apr 28, 2015 by RAJU 17 (120 points)
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How can I install SEQMOL on Ubuntu?
asked Mar 27, 2015 by comchem
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How to install Linux Debian on my PC?
asked Feb 6, 2015 by muhammadwaliyulf (120 points)
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I have a problem with the Internet connection on notebook Asus G750JZ with Linux amd64 (both eth and wifi). I want to update (set) driver for network card, but I haven't found it for Linux.
asked Jan 15, 2015
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Our 3300 students and their teachers use Linux. Does Easy Interactive Tools work with it?
asked Nov 12, 2014 by Sirpa about Easy Interactive Tools
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I've to uninstall and reinstall the program, because I need to reset the PC. How can I save my data?
asked Oct 25, 2014 by mauro mastrogiacomo (120 points)