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Recently one of my friends has sent me a few Blu-ray discs as my birthday gift, because she knows what's my favorite.
asked Mar 13, 2013 by andrewcluise (120 points) about Blu Ray Player
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I don't want to install any plug-ins or other add-ons.
asked Feb 27, 2013 by green.charlse (370 points)
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I got my new Mac mini and want to construct my own home theater. I checked on the internet that there are several Mac Blu-ray Player software available on Mac.
asked Feb 22, 2013
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Any way to compress 50GB Blu-ray into a 25GB one?
asked Jan 30, 2013
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I just purchased this Blu-ray/3D/burner combo from Tiger Direct, but it came with no software of any kind, just the unit without even setup instructions.
asked Jan 26, 2013 by Gary R. De Schane (120 points)
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I installed Easy DVD Player on Windows 8 PC and when I copied the Blu-ray ISO files into my desktop I can't find a solution. How can I watch them?
asked Jan 7, 2013 by green.charlse (370 points)
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Anybody compare the Blu-ray Player(hardware) with BD drive plus Blu-ray Player software? Considering the upgrade and future using, which one is more suitable for play Blu-ray on Mac?
asked Dec 27, 2012 by amy803891 (120 points)
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I know the way to deal with ISO files, what you need is a virtual drive tool like Daemon tools, etc. But can you playback them directly if it is a Blu-ray ISO image file?
asked Dec 26, 2012
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I have a Blu-Ray player and every disc I put in it doesn't play and when I click it in the folder it doesn't have a play option.
asked Dec 20, 2012
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I own a Samsung SH-B123 Blu-Ray drive, but when I insert Blu-Ray discs, it doesn't work. Why?
asked Oct 8, 2012 by abbotbass (260 points)
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I burnt a disc using DVDFab HD Decrypter. I'm using DVDFab version 8.2.1 This disc works well on any DVD player I have including the computer.
asked Sep 19, 2012
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I have a Windows 7 Toshiba laptop and Intervideo WinDVD Player but I cannot play Blu Ray discs. Is there an update to the program that enables latest Blu-ray discs to be played?
asked Sep 13, 2012