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I can't watch Blu-ray movies

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I installed Easy DVD Player on Windows 8 PC and when I copied the Blu-ray ISO files into my desktop I can't find a solution. How can I watch them?

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Although the player is capable of playing Blu-ray ISO files you shoulf install additional codecs used for image and audio decoding. It's all because of the encoding settings of the Blu-ray ISO image. Please download CCCP codecs and then try to play the ISO file again.

Later Edit: The comment below states that you can not play Blu-ray ISO images but you could try as it has Windows 8 installed and the desktop mode should allow you to install everything I have suggested.

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Windows 8 is the newly released operating system with advanced graphical capabilities when it's used with a powerful graphic card. But it cannot play video dvd's without a 3rd party player. That capability has been removed from Media Player in win 8. If you are trying to play a Blu-ray file, then you can use a video player available (Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player). You will need a powerful computer to play these files or discs close to perfection.

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You can copy the Blu-ray ISO files into the Hard Disk, don't put then on desktop.

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