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I can't watch a DVD disc on my Sony Blu-Ray player. I can watch the Original DVD disc on the Blu-Ray player and any disc on another kind of DVD player including the computer.

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I burnt a disc using DVDFab HD Decrypter. I'm using DVDFab version 8.2.1

This disc works well on any DVD player I have including the computer. I cannot view this disc on my Sony Blu-Ray player. I have Windows 7 64bit Professional. As I said, it burns very well but I just can't view the DVD on the Sony Blu-Ray.

When I used version, I was able to view the results on the Blu-Ray player. The Blu-Ray is Sony BDR-S350.

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It seems that there are problems with ripping DVDs using the new version of the software. From what I understand, the Blu-Ray player does not recognize the ripped disc. I would like to suggest that you should wipe clean the surface of the DVD because the player may encounter problems if it's scratched. Plus, these Blu-Ray players are very sensitive due to the fact that they demand high quality DVDs for their full performance and image quality. On the other hand, another possibility is that the new version of the ripping software did not rip the original disc as it should or the settings were not properly configured. From the settings menu of the software, wipe all the settings by returning to the default ones using the integrated option Restore to default settings.

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