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How do your guys deal with Blu-ray disc on Mac

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Anybody compare the Blu-ray Player(hardware) with BD drive plus Blu-ray Player software? Considering the upgrade and future using, which one is more suitable for play Blu-ray on Mac?

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You can download a player named VLC to have a try play your BDs. First, your Mac is equipped with BD drive room.

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I prefer a BD drive plus Blu-ray player software because this software could also be used as a media player for other formats.

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I think a BD drive plus a Blu-ray player software is more preferable considering the upgrade and future using. We all know that, after install the software on your computer, it is easy to update every time online. Moreover, this software could also be used as normal media player to play other media formats which the hardware can't do. As for the Blu-ray playback on Mac, I'd like to give you some suggestion. Macgo Mac Blu-ray player is a kind of software I have been using for a long time. And you will find the reason why I like it after your trial.

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I vote BD drive plus Blu-ray player software. This is convenient and space saving. Besides, Blu-ray player software like Mac blu-ray player can also play other media formats.

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There are many mac Blu-ray player software products on the market, powerdvd is good, but expensive, free one has no blu-ray license and not reliable
You can try UFUSoft Mac Blu-ray Player, it is good and cheap, and officially authorized.

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