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Looking for a Blu-ray discs player

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Recently one of my friends has sent me a few Blu-ray discs as my birthday gift, because she knows what's my favorite. And I have tried several video players, but it's a pity that all of them didn't work very well, so would you guys recommend a good video player for me?

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Nowadays, most video players are optimized to play Blu-ray discs. VLC, KMPlayer, Media Player Classic to name but a few. The problem could be the Blu-ray device that you're missing. You should check for details about your CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Rom to make sure that it has Blu-ray compatibility.

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I find this program when I tried to find a blu ray media player for you, I have download it on my pc and find it useful. You can have a try too.
Hope it can help you.

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Macgo mac blu-ray player;for mac system

Macgo windows blu-ray player;for windows syetem
I have download it on my pc and find it is useful. You can have a try too.

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So you have to spend some money on these Blu-ray Discs because first you need a Blu-ray drive to insert your disc, then a Blu-ray player is also wanted here which comes from a third party. Many of this kind of players are not trusted except Macgo Blu-ray player which gets the permission from Blu-ray Organizition.

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Since you haven't mentioned which OS you use, I think it is better to give you a better choice for the both common operating system. Macgo Blu-ray player is a kind of software applied on Mac and Win to play Blu-ray disc. Don't forget to connect a BD drive first. Find which you need here

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