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Latest questions about "jpeg"

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I have a JPEG that is 120x120 px. I need it larger. How do I do that?
asked Jun 19, 2015
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1 answer 295 views
I am trying to find a place to register my serial number for my new purchase. Where can I do that?
asked Apr 15, 2014 about Logo Design Studio Pro
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1 answer 382 views
I have a JPEG file and I want to remove the text from it. Can you help?
asked Dec 4, 2013
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1 answer 222 views
How can I convert a Microsoft Word .doc file to .jpeg format?
asked Oct 19, 2013 by Guest #28612372 (120 points)
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I have downloaded a 30-day trial of SewArt, version 32. I have tried to import a JPEG file to a new canvas but it is saying that "photo2.jpeg could not be opened.
asked Aug 16, 2013 about SewArt
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I am not able to create a New Folder on my Epson Easy Photo Print software, when I click on the New Folder button. It also doesn't work when I "right click" to try to make a New Folder.
asked Jul 20, 2013 about EPSON Easy Photo Print
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Can this software be used to export files to the JPEG format?
asked Jul 9, 2013 about InkscapeBatch
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1 answer 702 views
I can no longer import .jpeg files in Designer 9.0. Where can I download the missing import filter?
asked Jun 9, 2013 about Micrografx Designer
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1 answer 227 views
What format of photo could be added on slideshows? Jpeg or what type of photos?
asked Jun 6, 2013
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1 answer 254 views
Which of your software products can do this?
asked May 23, 2013
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1 answer 3k views
How can I import a JPEG file to ArtCut for plotter operations?
asked Jan 17, 2013 about Artcut
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1 answer 148 views
When I print a DVD, often the surface is smeared with ink. It always appears to be black ink. Any solutions, please?
asked Oct 19, 2012 by Peter Taylor (120 points) about EPSON Easy Photo Print
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1 answer 612 views
How to convert DDT files to a JPEG file format?
asked Sep 27, 2012
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5 answers 12k views
I want to convert JPG files to pes files so I can use them on an embroidery machine.
asked Sep 25, 2012
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1 answer 1.3k views
I want to convert JPEG to XLS or CSV format to edit in Microsoft Excel. Does somebody have any tools for this job?
asked Sep 5, 2012 about Microsoft Office Excel
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2 answers 16.9k views
I have been emailed a .bin attachment, how to convert it to jpeg to view on an Android phone? Thanks!
asked Jul 30, 2012
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2 answers 2.8k views
I need to convert JPEG images of mammal skulls to contour lines. Is there a program that can help me with this?
asked Apr 11, 2012
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1 answer 13.7k views
I need a program to edit text in a Jpeg file. Which software is the best?
asked Mar 17, 2012
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I cannot open my scanned .tif, .jpeg files in HP Document Viewer, error is "activex controls accept only fonts that are defined in graphicsunit.
asked Feb 27, 2012
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2 answers 5.2k views
How to convert DDS files (cubemap) to JPEG or PNG? I have Windows 7.
asked Feb 13, 2012