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How to convert .bin to .jpeg on an Android phone?

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I have been emailed a .bin attachment, how to convert it to jpeg to view on an Android phone?


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.bin file is a disc image. You can use WinISO to open the .bin file, click "convert", then choose the output format as: .jpg and choose the directory you want.
After a while, you will see a .jpg on your PC.
All of the process are done.
Use your USB to connect your PC, then just copy or cut the new .jpg file on your phone.

Download WinISO here.

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Bin files are usually CD image files but nonetheless I have encountered situations when bin files were actually real image files, just like in your case. I suggest you use software like XnViewer for viewing the file on PC, then from its main menu access File> Save As > Choose JPG/JPEG format, type a new name of the file and save it to your desktop.

Transfering the file to your phone is done through the USB cable which you plug it into one of computer USB ports. When you do this make sure you activate USB Storage Support by dropping down notifications on Android and press on Enable and a drive will appear in My Computer where you can transfer files.

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