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Latest questions about "web development"

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Where can I buy copy of WebExpert 6.6 from?
asked 4 days ago by Paul Simard about WebExpert
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From today, every time i've tried to open the graphic editor, the following warning appears: "Network licensing error: max2plus web feature license has expired"
asked 4 days ago by JOEL MORAIS about MAX+plus II BASELINE
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1 answer 10 views
Is a Summitsoft Website creator website limited to specific web providers?
asked Oct 6 by Buzzy about Summitsoft Website Creator
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1 answer 13 views
How can I reactivate and download the Beadelator program on a new PC from a previously purchased license? I do not have the license number.
asked Oct 5 by Patrice Geyen about Beadelator
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1 answer 16 views
What kind of Web Publishing Wizard can I install on Windows 8.1?
asked Sep 9 about Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard
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3 answers 40 views
How long is the trial period for Expression Web 3?
asked Aug 1 by Brian Cunningham about Microsoft Expression Web
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1 answer 70 views
My question is that I can't get images on my eBook. What detailed information are you able to provide on images, resolution, RGB or CMYK, how to upload them into my book?
asked Jun 8 by Chris about eBook Maestro FREE
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1 answer 16 views
I am using Antix SMTP for development. When I tried to call with SSL enabled (Client.EnableSsl = true;) I got an error "Server does not support secure connections.
asked May 18 by Pritam about Antix SMTP Server Emulation for Developers
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1 answer 19 views
Our IT department needs a contact email in order to install this software. Can you send me the primary contact email?
asked Apr 21 about Schlumberger Log Data Toolbox
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1 answer 22 views
I've been using UltraMenu for years.
asked Apr 18 by Bruce Bille about UltraMenu
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1 answer 10 views
I just changed to a new server, and my Easy Uploader server has a new IP address.
asked Mar 1 by Tom D about Easy Uploader
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1 answer 18 views
I just installed the trial version. I can't get it to work at all. I generated a database with one table and 3 fields. For some reason it does not connect to my mysql server.
asked Feb 22 by Ben about PHPMagic Free Trial Edition
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1 answer 101 views
I am running a business and looking for lead generation techniques. I am doing SEO, PPC of the business, but unable to get proper traffic for my website.
asked Feb 2 by Seo Ninja (120 points) about Active WebTraffic
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1 answer 55 views
Will the SMS software package (Tortoise Redmine Plugin x64) work well with Windows 10?
asked Jan 10 about Tortoise Redmine Plugin
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1 answer 31 views
I built my site using 2.6 version on my XP computer. I can't seem to login to make some corrections. I don't want to update to Windows 7 on that computer.
asked Jan 4 by Sue M about Yahoo! SiteBuilder
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1 answer 38 views
I would like to try this software and I have always received, after good settings adjustment according to tutorials, the same error message : Error = Operation Failed.
asked Dec 7, 2016 by Jean Louis Guiffray about KumoSync
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1 answer 152 views
I updated to the latest Java and was informed I need to go back to Java 6 or Java 7 to access 3270 (WERS) via Covisint through the Ford Portal.
asked Oct 31, 2016 by Bill Flynn about Java Web Start
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1 answer 27 views
I use PHPMagic Plus. I paid for version. The mysql_connect() function is deprecated. It is recommended to use mysqli or PDO instead. Will a future version of PHPMagic include the new functions?
asked Oct 11, 2016 by Tom about PHPMagic Free Trial Edition
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1 answer 134 views
We can say that it is not compatible with Windows 10. Installing process is not completing, and it's also showing errors.
asked Jul 29, 2016 by shekhar kumar about Java Device Manager
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1 answer 79 views
Namo-Webeditor 5.5 reinstalled on PC with Windows 10. I've entered keys and it worked for weeks. Now "Can't find licence key. Reinstall...". Reinstalled again and again.
asked Jun 29, 2016 by Jean Knaepen about Namo WebEditor