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How to make and receive calls with Idea Netsetter?
asked Feb 3, 2013
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Please tell me how can I lock my personal data folder in Nokia Mobile Asha 311?
asked Jan 30, 2013
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Can I use the new RM85 with Snuffler? Does anybody know anything about this? And does Snuffler handle only single measurements? Is Snuffler programmed for two probe-Surveys or even more?
asked Jan 30, 2013 by eliseo (120 points) about Snuffler
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Thanks, Andrew, for the application. It was impressively simple and quick. After spending several hours on the net trying to find a program without success, I was very impressed.
asked Jan 23, 2013 about Garmin MapSource
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How can I update my Sonic Encoders because I have problem with Sonic RecordNow! regarding its operations?
asked Jan 20, 2013 by Guest #26187551 (120 points) about Sonic RecordNow Copy
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How can I transfer data from Tally Ledger to Excel?
asked Jan 16, 2013
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I want to scan my pen drive to recover my old data immediately.
asked Jan 15, 2013 by varan gurjar (120 points)
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What is the best tool to encrypt my data with a password so nobody else could read it? Please advise and send video tutorial if possible.
asked Jan 7, 2013 by Moustafa Borhan (1.1k points)
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Is there a way to download the Millipore Vmax DAQ sat to a PDF file instead of an Excel file?
asked Dec 12, 2012
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Is there a good free application to back up my data automatically? For example, copy from one location to another (e.g. from local hard drive to cifs://), periodically.
asked Dec 11, 2012 by D. Yessa (2.7k points)
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Can I use this software on Windows 7?
asked Nov 23, 2012 by Lance 2 (120 points) about DATA BECKER Your Handwriting II
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I would like to explain my situation. I have a folder named *** and I locked it using USB lock application. My brother created a folder with the same name and locked it and then he deleted it.
asked Nov 14, 2012 by khaled 4 (120 points)
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I visited
asked Nov 11, 2012
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If I move my Gameloft data to my external SD card, will I be able to play the games like before? Will I lose my progress? Do I need to root the phone and use directory bind correct?
asked Nov 4, 2012
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What are the benefits of using a Forensic Replicator to other imaging tools available?
asked Oct 9, 2012
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I have RAW data and there are lots of images and some of them are related to humans and some images are related to things. Now, how can I match one image with another one?
asked Oct 8, 2012