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After installing version 5.5.0 of GiliSoft USB Lock. I start using app as trial version ,but now I forget my password on app. and all system is locked and i can't anything.
asked Sep 21, 2019 by hadi about GiliSoft USB Lock
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My Samsung Galaxy Duos screen locks when talking on the phone.
asked Feb 13, 2017 by Deebo
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I forgot my password.
asked Sep 30, 2016 by SUMON about PIMM
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How to lock SD card on Samsung Android mobile?
asked Apr 12, 2014
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How to unlock my Intex Cloud X1 if it is locked by a Google account?
asked Apr 3, 2014
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My Intex iBuddy 3 tablet has no menu button. How can I unlock my tablet? Please help me to overcome from this problem!
asked Mar 1, 2014
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How can I recover my Lockbox Professional software? I uninstalled it and want to use it again.
asked Feb 7, 2014 about My Lockbox
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I uninstalled MyWinLocker because it was showing the dialogue box "Image was not correct". After un-installation, the data was not found in the system.
asked Jul 16, 2013 about MyWinLocker
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How can I recover deleted files from MyWinLocker?
asked Mar 29, 2013 about MyWinLocker
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Please tell me how can I lock my personal data folder in Nokia Mobile Asha 311?
asked Jan 30, 2013
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I have entered wrong patterns attempts on my HTC Explore mobile and now it's locked. It is asking for e-mail and password. How can I open it?
asked Dec 29, 2012 by tapendra (120 points)
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I would like to explain my situation. I have a folder named *** and I locked it using USB lock application. My brother created a folder with the same name and locked it and then he deleted it.
asked Nov 14, 2012 by khaled 4 (120 points)
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I have entered too many pattern attempts and forgot my backup PIN. I have a Galaxy Note phone.
asked Aug 28, 2012
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I have locked my USB external hard disk but I don't know by which software.. How to find it? I know the password to unlock
asked Aug 24, 2012
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I would like to get a program which can protect my data written on CD/DVD so that no one can copy it and redistribute it.
asked Jul 27, 2012
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My HTC has a locked bootloader. I don't know any other possibility to unlock it. Could you give me a piece of advice?
asked Jul 26, 2012
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I have deleted a folder in which a hidden folder was kept, protected with the help of Lock Folder XP (v.3.5). How do I get that folder back?
asked Jan 30, 2012 by Guest #21655588 (120 points) about Lock Folder XP
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How can I open my locked folders without password?
asked Aug 1, 2011 by abid 5 (120 points) about instant Lock Lite