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I want to scan my pen drive to recover my old data immediately

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I want to scan my pen drive to recover my old data immediately.

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If you have deleted data and want to recover them, you will need to use recovery software. But if you've deleted contents and copied other stuff on the drive, then it's not possible anymore because the old data clusters have been replaced with new ones. I recommend using Recuva as a recovery solution for this matter. Download and install the application and use the starting wizard to recover whatever you need from the drive. Choose from specific target search options or simply enable all data recovery. Once the scan is finished, you can recover files that have a green marker in front of them. Orange and red marked files are poor.

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In my opinion, I don't believe the free recovery software, because most of them can't recover 100% data. I ever use a recovery software to recover foramtted data from my pen drive. You can have a try, know more here:

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To get data back from pen drive, you could apply to Jihosoft file recovery. Good luck.

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Hey Sonic, data recovery is not difficult for normal data loss problem, but if the hard drive is damaged, then the first thing you need to pay attention to is fixing the hard drive.
But you need to notice that after fixing the hard drive, all the files are gone and it seems like it is a new hard drive. At this moment, don't put any new files into the drive 'cause if this happens, you will meet data overwritten situation and if this happens, the chance of data recovery will be reduced.
You can check more details in this post:

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If you're using a Mac, a corrupted, formatted, deleted, or erased SD card does not have to be the end of the world. SD cards can easily experience problems whether a sudden power outage occurs, is accidentally erased, or it is removed from the computer without performing the required steps. SD card recovery on a Mac ensures that any items on this storage media can be retrieved without worry. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Retrieval software provides an easy, dependable approach to retrieving any file you have stored.

This utility is designed to perform recovery not only on an Apple hard drive but also on external devices or storage sources. The first step is to stop modifying and adding information to the card, as each change is a potential overwrite for previously stored data. Next, download and install Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Retrieval to your computer. After which, insert the card to start the retrieval process on your Mac. Quick action is important to avoid loss of important information. By completing the following steps, you will easily be able to retrieve any needed files:

  1. Choose the card for scanning.
  2. Select a recovery option.
  3. Wait for the scan to complete.
  4. Select items to retrieve.
  5. Finish SD card recovery Mac.

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